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APIS IQ-Software Version 6

Asian Fonts – Chinese, Japanese, Korean (CJK)


Concerning the use of the software in China, Japan, Korea (= CJK) and other countries, it had to be considered so far that only ANSI languages were supported. This affected areas as the installation on Windows systems, software use and contents of FME files.

Version 6 (IQ-FMEA PRO and IQ-RM PRO) fully supports Unicode languages for the contents as well as Chinese and Japanese as languages of the graphical user interface.

New FMEA-Standards – VDA (2nd edition) and AIAG (4th edition)


VDA FMEA (2nd edition) and AIAG FMEA (4th edition) are supported by updated valuation catalogues, new form sheets, additional statistical analyses and categories for revision states amongst others.

If you want to meet the requirements of VDA and AIAG, an upgrade to Version 6 will be necessary.

“Global” action will result in easy updates of actions

Previous actions containing identical names, responsible persons and deadlines can be defined as global actions.

All changes of responsible persons, status and deadlines will result in changes in those positions in which “Global Actions” were used.

Additional Filters which can additionally applied in the structure tree, function net and failure net


Filtering is a very well usable and reliable functionality in tables, e.g. in FMEA form sheets. Filters are also used when searching within FMEA files. In Version 6, the concept of filtering was extended to structures, lists and nets in an intelligent way.

Users will not forego filtering in almost all editors in the future because it will result in higher work flexibility and efficiency.

Mechatronics FMEA with Operating Conditions, Error Detections and Error Responses

The analysis of modern systems including error detection and error response requires approaches that go beyond simple causal thinking.

The observation of all operating conditions (OC) is a challenging task, too, that is only insufficiently supported in classical FMEA.

APIS IQ-Software Version 6 offers functionalities with the help of which the challenges of mechatronical systems can be handled.

New Object Inspector


The object inspector is an editor with the help of which object properties can be displayed and changed. Besides that the values of attributes in all variants can be updated in the object inspector. Dependent and linked objects can also be displayed and completed.

With the help of the completely revised object inspector of Version 6, very comfortable direct inputs can be done by using simply filtered select drop down lists. The concept of reusing information is supported by the easy access of existing information. By doing so, redundant information will be prevented yet easier.