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Second CTI ISO 26262 conference in Detroit

Similar to the previous year, the APIS Informationstechnologien GmbH participated as an exhibitor together with its partner Qualitech International, Inc. USA in the CTI conference “ISO 26262 Detroit”.

In numerous discussions and presentations at the information booth, a vivid exchange of ideas and thoughts on the subject of Functional Safety took place. Interested persons and customers were given insight in the prospects of the APIS IQ software. The continuous advancement was met very positive resonance.

The participants of the conference discussed the ISO 26262 standard, its implementation, the do’s and don’ts, as well as the legal consequences of the ISO standard. Many of the attendants, amongst others from the USA, India, United Kingdom, Germany, and other European countries, confirmed to the APIS IQ expert that the APIS IQ software is well-known and successfully applied in the fields of FMEA, FTA, and meanwhile also Functional Safety.

ISO 26262 – APIS meets high demands

On the whole, it was registered with attention that the APIS IQ software already meets the high demands made by the ISO 26262, such as e.g. the creation of fault trees and the determination of minimal cut sets, even including the various export options. The new comprehensive analysis provided by the Graph Editor was gladly received as well.

Lecture met with great approval

The collective lecture held by the Fraunhofer Institut IPA together with APIS titled “Demonstration of a Successful Implementation of a Functional Safety Relevant Component in a Truck” was met with great approval by the quality experts and engineers and was followed with great interest. In particular the fact that the APIS IQ-Software leaves almost nothing to be desired regarding Functional Safety was received with enthusiasm.