Highlights of Service Pack V6.5-0100 and V6.5-0110

Are you still working with Service Pack V6.5-0110, or with an even older version of APIS IQ-Software? Simply click on the toolbar “Help | Update program version” to check. If it happens that you are then make your life a little easier and upgrade to the current SP. Also, get in touch with us through our forum if you have questions about the new SP or about anything else related to APIS IQ-Software and speak to like-minded FMEA enthusiasts. We will welcome you with open arms as long as you are not a robot or a spammer.

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The Highlights

You can now send emails directly from the Personal Information Manager (PIM),

The PIM is used more and more to document and save facts, records, and other issues within the FME file. You can even insert pictures and tons of other stuff too.

Our solution to having so much information in one place is to make sure the user can send this info on to relevant people without having to copy and paste it somewhere else first! As long as the email exists in the address book (check “Teams & Persons” in the Data Manager) you can send it to them. You can even select a team instead of an individual person and the email will be sent to that entire list. Simply right click on the info you want to send and click “send email to…”


Click here to see a step by step explanation of how to use this function

The quality of an FMEA can be outlined into an Individual Quality Report (IQR)

Once you have defined exactly what you want to go into the quality report, all you need to do is refresh the screen and the report is up-to-date. The software simply needs you to define the filter & the templates with “Summary Function” place holders:


This can be exported or sent in an email.

Click here to see a step by step explanation of how to make one

Integration to ERP- & CAQ Systems are now supported with URLs

Automatic and bi-directional data exchanges with external systems have been available for some time now but now it’s possible to work with URL references making the integration simpler.

URL references simplify the navigation between applications and referencing objects within the APIS IQ-Software.



The object can be easily navigated using the URL reference and the appropriate editor started. Furthermore, the URLs can be integrated into websites created by Web Publisher. As a special feature, The URLs are also incorporated into the Results list when you export from IQ Explorer.

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Individual changes and editing of variants is now easier

When working on variants it can at times be difficult to differentiate between necessary and unnecessary changes especially when it comes to variants that you are not working on. This applies especially if catalog-based information is contained in several variants and there are many instances recorded.


Now you have the ability to only show the instances of the active variant. This is especially useful when working on cross-structure and variant transition matrices.

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Synchronizing Actions in the CARM NG Web Interface with the content of the FME file is supported

If actions need to be edited externally then it is now possible to transfer the actions to the CARM NG Server with CSS Action Tracking. If the project is worked on further, then the altered actions can be transferred to the CARM NG Server and at the same time populated in the project data using the Web Interface.



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It is now possible to create a Status Report in the Personal Information Manager (PIM).

The PIM just keeps on becoming more useful to those know how to use it. Starting at the IQ Explorer and finishing at the PIM. If a need for any action appears in the status report then the necessary alignment will be supported.
CARM Status report

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