This is a step by step screenshot instruction on how to change instances within a variant more easily, with or without editing variants that you are currently not working on. If you would like to discuss this function, please click on the link at the bottom of the page to go directly to this forum topic.

Step 1

When working within a variant, each instance has a number in brackets at the end e.g. “{5}”. This number applies to the whole fme file and not just to the particular variant you are working on. If you want to e.g. rename an instance, but only apply the change to the current variant, you now can.

Step 2


By clicking on an instance e.g. “Stop of production” twice (not fast), you can edit/rename the particular instance. After clicking return though, a dialog box will appear: see next screenshot.

Step 3


This dialog will ask you which instances you want this change to apply to. By clicking on the dialog box “show only instances of current variant(s)”, you show only instances from the variant you are currently working on. Note that if this dialog box is not clickable, then all the instances in the list exist only in the current variant.

Step 4


There you have it! A better overview to make the necessary changes to your fme file correctly.

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