Using the IQ-URL Reference functionality for your FMEA

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Step 1


From most editors you can right click on an object and select “Bookmark | IQ-Url-Reference into the clipboard”. This will generate a URL Reference that is temporarily saved into your clipboard.

Step 2


You can then paste this URL into e.g. a web browser by typing “Ctrl + V” or right-clicking the mouse and selecting “Paste”. Doing this will run the IQ-Software and the FME file and exact editor will open.

Step 3


Alternatively, you can create an html file using e.g. Notepad. Html code is necessary here. A file below is available for you to download that has this html already typed.

Step 4


Now simply click “File | Save As…

Step 5



and rename the file with a “.html” extension and select “All Files” from the drop down menu. Then click “Save”.

Step 6


Step 7


This text appears in Google Chrome. Similar messages will appear in other web browsers

Step 8


The IQ-Software will open along with the FME file and the editor that you were using when you selected “Edit | Bookmark | IQ-Url-Reference into the clipboard”.

Step 9


Using notepad, you can build up a list of URLs that link directly to the correct file and location within the IQ-Software. You can also e.g. send an email with these links to other employees for them to open them.

If you would like to download a ready-made Notepad document, click here URL notepad example. All you will need to do is replace the URLs with your own and then to rename them.

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