A look back at the XXIII APIS User Meeting 2017

This year, APIS held its 23rd annual User Meeting in the medieval city of Nuremberg, northern Bavaria. We welcomed well over 200 IQ software users. The following is a rundown of the two-day event.

Get together
Benutzertreffen Fotos 2017
As with every APIS User Meeting, guests arrived to the traditional “Get together” that takes place the evening before the presentations begin. This is a chance for everyone to settle in, get to know each other, and discuss all matter of topics.

First day

Jürgen Eilers, Managing Director kicked off the first day of presentations with the traditional “Rückblick & Ausblick” (Review and outlook), whereby he covers the most important aspects of the last year while also taking a look at what new developments are coming in the next. The full program of the event is also covered. After this, a number of interesting presentations were given by several of our valued users. (note: A translation for the titles has been given, but the presentations are held in German).

• IT-SECURITY – Theorie und praktische Erfahrungen bei der Entwicklung fortgeschrittener Fahrerassistenzsysteme (IT Security – Theory and practical experiences of developing advanced driver assistant systems)
held by: Jane Lensch (Continental Teves)
• DESIGN-/PROZESS-FMEA BEI EINEM MITTELSTÄNDISCHEN KABELSATZKONFEKTIONÄR – Stabile Prozesse und robuste Produkte (Design-/process FMEA at a mid-sized cable-set confectioner – Stable processes and robust products)
held by: Herman Schötz (Nexans autoelectric)
• DAS PFERD VON HINTEN AUFZÄUMEN – ein modifizierter Ansatz zur effizienten FMEA-Risikoanalyse (Putting the cart before the horse – A modern approach to efficient FMEA risk analysis)
held by: Marc Klausgraber / Martin Zieglowski (Magna Steyr Engineering Deutschland)
Benutzertreffen Fotos 2017• DAS P-DIAGRAMM – ein strukturierter Ansatz zur Produktanalyse und wie ich ihn in der FMEA nutzen kann (The P Diagram – A structured approach to product analysis and how I can use it in an FMEA)
held by: Dr. Alexander Schloske (Fraunhofer IPA)
• DRBFM vs. FMEA – Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede der Methode (DRBFM vs FMEA – Similarities and differences of the method)
held by: Martin Vallendor (Continental)
• VERSTÄNDIGUNGSPROBLEME VERSTEHEN – Der Einfluss von kulturellen Variablen bei der Diskussion zu Risiken (Understanding comprehension problems – The influence of cultural variables when discussing risks)
held by: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Beneke

Evening event

Benutzertreffen Fotos 2017As part of every User Meeting, the meeting organizers arrange an event for all to take part in. As the meeting is held in a different location across Germany every year, the event is always new and unknown to the guests until that day. This year, the location of the hotel offered an opportunity for a historically significant guided tour of the Nuremberg Nazi rally grounds.  The guides offered local insight to the city’s storied history and it’s roll in the Second World War.  Among other things, the tour included the Great Road, Zeppelin field and Zeppelin tribune, the foundations of the German Stadium and the Congress Hall. After the tour, many then headed to the old town part of Nuremberg and enjoyed some local culinary specialties.

Second day

These are the presentations held on the second day of the meeting:

• GEFAHREN OHNE FEHLER – Risikoanalyse Gebrauchssicherheit für automatisierte Fahrfunktionen (Driven without mistakes – Risk analysis of operational safety for automated driving functions)
held by: Wolfgang Hinrichs (Daimler)
• PRAXISBERICHT: AGILITÄT UND KOMPLEXITÄT – FMEA-Inhalte fest im Griff (Practical experience report: Agility and complexity – FMEA content under control)
held by: Stefan Gerstmayr (Fraunhofer IPA)
• D/P FMEA LINKING; Keeping P-FMEA data up to date – taking into account changes in D-FMEA
held by: Chad Johnson (APIS North America)Benutzertreffen Fotos 2017
• IQ V7 – Ausblick (IQ Version 7 – Outlook)
held by: John Rainer (APIS Informationstechnologien GmbH)
held by: Philip Daffner (APIS Informationstechnologien GmbH)

The meetings last presentation is always one that is looked forward to:
held by: Alexander Weiß (APIS Informationstechnologien GmbH)

Downloadable presentations

If you are interested in reading the presentations from this year’s speakers, please write to us at training@apis.de

Note: Most presentations are held in German and are not translated.

The User Meeting in pictures

A selection of photos taken during the event can be seen here: Picture gallery.

APIS Support & User requests

At the end of the event, many requests from the users were discussed and noted. The feedback we get from our customers is invaluable to developing our software further.

Our colleagues in support were, as always, very busy over the two days, taking time to give advice and help with user queries.

We would like to warmly thank the speakers and participants and we look forward to next year’s User Meeting which will be held in Kassel.