Failure net connections correspond to function net

Highlights of Service Pack V6.5 – 0140

IQ Explorer search/filter/highlight: ‘Failure net connections correspond to function net’ (RP-4666)

This new filter criteria is a useful verification tool that checks if the failure net connections (causes and effects) are parallel to that of the function net connections.Failure net connections correspond to function net

Structure Editor, FFA and IQ Explorer: New filter criteria ‘Creation or modification date (stamp) (RP-4777)

This new System-defined filter allows the user to filter objects according to when they were created or modified. Parameters such as which person made the changes, which IQ objects (e.g. function, system element, etc.) and how the individual criteria are connected (AND, OR, XOR) can be determined via the ‘Properties’ tab.
RP-4777 Creation or modification stamp

Structure Editor/FFA: Make focus element (RP-4874)

It is now possible select an object and make it the focus element in the Structure Editor as well as Function and Failure Analysis Editor. After selecting an object, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + K, the context menu, or go to the Menu bar and select View | Make focus element. It is possible to edit, filter, and highlight while the focus is active.

RP-4874 Make focus element

Add Placeholders and Summary Functions directly to notes (RP-4716)

Maintenance customers only:

It is now much easier to add placeholders and summary functions directly to the notes of an IQ object. Open the notes (Ctrl + B) for the IQ object and right-click on the window and select ‘Templates | Placeholder’. Then left-click and hold a placeholder and drag it to the ‘Destination’ dialog below (Drag&Drop) directly onto ‘summary function/placeholder’. Once you have selected all the desired placeholders for that IQ object, click ‘OK’. Use the keyboard shortcut F9 to update/refresh the placeholders any time.To read more on IQRs, click here


Arithmetical functions can now be used as placeholders (RP-4686)

Maintenance customers only:

For maintenance customers, it is now possible to use certain arithmetical operators as placeholders in both Notes and Individual Quality Reports (IQR). These operators include: sum, difference, multiplication, division and percent. More information on how to best utilize this functionality can be found here.

Command Line Bookmark (RP-4862)

Maintenance customers only:

APIS IQ Software offers several ways to save a bookmark within an fme file. A Command Line Bookmark is a special bookmark that can be saved as a template in the Windows Registry. It can be used to open third party programs (i.e. not the IQ Software) and display objects saved in the bookmark. The bookmark template can be saved in the Registry Editor (Windows key –> ‘regedit’). To run the bookmark from the IQ Software, the template must already be saved in the Registry before starting the IQ program. For exact instructions with several examples click here.


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