Arithmetical functions (V6.5 – SP 0140)

Arithmetical functions are a handy new tool to view and compare information on your fme file and IQ objects. These are used in conjunction with Individual Quality Reports & Summary Functions in the “Note” of the IQ object. Below is an example of how to use this functionality, currently available to maintenance customers only.RP-4686-arithmetical-functions-en

Example: Percentage of completed actions in the current fme file

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  1. Create a structure filter for all the actions in the fme file.structure filter for all actions in fme file
  2. Create a structure filter for all completed actions.structure filter for all completed actions
  3. Open “Note” (Ctrl + B) for an IQ object. In this example, a system element is used. Then use the context menu and select “Templates | Placeholder”.context menu and select 'Templates | Placeholder'
  4. Drag & Drop the placeholder “Percent: %prct()%” on to “summary function/placeholder” in the “Destination” dialog.Drag&Drop the placeholder 'percent'
  5. Select both of the structure filters and drag them on to “Percent: %prct()%”.drag&drop the structure filters
  6. Sort the filters so that “All completed actions” is above “All relevant actions”. This will result the correct calculation being made: Percentage = “All completed actions” / “All relevant actions * 100. Then click “OK”.
    sort the filters in the right order
  7. The “Note” tab will now contain the placeholder.Note tab now contains the placeholder
  8. Recommended step: copy “All completed actions” and paste it above the placeholder.copy and paste the filter above
  9. Press the F9 keyboard key to update the placeholder.press F9 to update the placeholder
  10. Recommended step: save the new placeholder in either the cfg- or fme file as a template for future use.save the placeholder as a template
  11. Name the template. That’s it, you’re finished!name the template

Here is a downloadable pdf document of this post:  How to use arithmetical function placeholders pdf (V6.5 - 0140)

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