Folding operations in FMEA Form Editor

APIS IQ Software Tips and Tricks, 2017

Tip 1

FMEA Form – Folding operations

Folding operations in FMEA Form Editor

  • Reason for using: Better overview and easier to edit the form sheet
  • Easy to recognize with green diagonal stripes
  • Folding/unfolding of complete levels (e.g. functions/characteristics) is possible
  • To activate go to the menu bar “View | Folding operations”
  • Recommended when working with large forms: Fold either the level “system element” or “function/characteristic”
  • The fold/unfold state is saved when the .fme is saved

Tip 2

FMEA Form – folding levels using filter

 Example of filtering down to level “function/characteristic”:



Tip 3

FMEA Form – Combining folding operations with filter

  • Set filter level as default

set filter as default when opening the fme file

  • Activate filter to desired level
  • Deactivate filter simply using F6
  • Unfold only the area you want to work with

Tip 4

“Make focus element” in Structure Editor

  • New feature since Version 6.5 – 0140
  • Works the same way as in the Net Editors
  • Possible to select multiple elements
  • Can be invoked using the context menu & keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + K”

make focus element in Structure Editor

Tip 5

Removing elements from Function Net

  • Feature in IQ Explorer: “Remove from all nets…”

remove from all nets

Tip 6

Summary Functions: Status report of actions


Ratio of completed actions in comparison to all* actions

(* = all actions that haven’t been rejected)

  • Invoke this functionality using the context menu: “Templates | Placeholder…”
  • This can be done from Note (Ctrl + B | context menu –> Edit notes…)
  • Or from Personal Information Manager PIM 
  • More information can be found at

IRQ Summary Functions

Tip 7

Summary Functions: Progress template

  • Reason for using: To protocol a status report for a target/set date
  • Requirements: Report is already saved as a template
  • This feature can be utilized from the context menu in the PIM (left side)
  • “New | Add report | Individual Quality Report (IQR) from template (cfg)“


PIM progress report

Tip 8

FMEA Files in a network

If the network connection is unstable or even breaks when working on an FMEA, this can lead to the file being corrupted.

To prevent this:

  • Work on a local copy (can be cumbersome, but is safer)
  • Workstation setting: “Create a temporary working copy of the opened file”

Workstation setting

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