missing AP rating

With the introduction of the new AIAG/VDA Alignment in 2019, Action Priorities are replacing the better known RPN. For users of APIS IQ-Software Version 7.0, the standard catalogs are available in the Data Manager,  “AP Catalogs”. When converting a Version 6.5 fme file to a Version 7.0 format, these catalogs must first be loaded. This is why users may not see the AP displayed in the e.g. structure list:

missing AP rating

Here is how to load the AP catalogs for Design/Process and MSR FMEAs:

Go to the menu “Tools | Read template” and select the box “AP Catalogs” and then press “OK”.

Valuation catalogs

The 2019 AIAG/VDA Alignment has also introduced new valuation catalogs. To load these, follow the same process but instead choose “Valuation catalogs” from the list.