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CARM SERVER Version 4.65 – 0110

The latest Service Pack for APIS CARM Server Version 4.65 is now ready and waiting to be downloaded. For new features and fixed bugs see the list below.

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[x] CARM-114: When transferring a module, the user logged into the IQ-Software is recorded in the data of the „last modification“.

[x] CARM-130: A new setting, available in the CARM Server settings, prevents non-administrator users from deleting certificates: „Only the CARM Server administrator is allowed to delete certificates“. When CSS Module Access Rights are active, a user with all access rights can usually manage certificates. This setting prevents that.

This feature is only available if using IQ-Software Version 6.5 – 0190 or newer.

To see the complete changelog for CARM Server Version 4.65 then click here.