Current situation of the 2020 User Conference

As you may already have gathered from our recent newsletter; this year’s APIS User Conference will not be taking place in person in Dresden due to the Corona pandemic.

Instead, we have decided to host the conference online. This gives us the opportunity to provide you with many informative presentations, free of charge, covering many aspects of FMEA and APIS IQ-Software.

For one week, starting from 28.09, you will have access to all these presentations. They will all be recorded by their respective speakers in advance and subtitles will be added (either in German or English depending on the speaker).  

Here is a list of the speakers and their respective lectures:

  • Dipl.-Ing W.-R. Landschoof: Risk evaluation in Comparison – RPN, Action Priority Table, Risk Cube, Dual Matrix
  • Holger Grube & Hannes Fuchs: Small things, big effect – efficiency-enhancing IQ specialities
  • Chad Johnson: Application of Monitoring & System Response (MSR)
  • Phil North: When a Structure is not a structure
  • Dr. Berthold Eilebrecht: EiPLAN integrates IQ-RM into the inspection planning with SAP ERP
  • Dr. Alexander Schloske: Evaluation tables and AP
  • Alexander Weiß: Tips & Tricks
  • Chad Johnson: The Assistant and Assistant Rules
  • Andreas Dietz: The CARM Server… A smart solution to manage standardized information
  • Heiko Dold: Symbolic responsibles in FMEA templates, structures and modules

Afterward, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the lectures in writing via our APIS Forum. We will first collect these questions and then publish them in the forum one week later, together with the answers.

It is now possible to register.

We look forward to many of you taking part; and hope we will be able to welcome you again personally next year.

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