V7-777 APIS IQ-Software Version 7.0 – 0120 is now available to download. There are many new features and bug fixes that come with this service pack, but here are the highlights:

User-defined view: new command available “New…” (V7-4944)

When using the user-defined view (Shift + Ctrl + B), it is now possible to create a new view without destroying your already created user-defined views “View | Format | Layout | New…”. This enables the user to select new display options such as attributes and focus columns. You can then simply switch between views without changing the display options of another saved user-defined view.

Data Manager: New AP-Catalog layout available (V7-777)

The AP Catalogs have a new, read-only layout showing catalogs as compact matrices. You can activate this via “View | Format | Layout | Matrix representation” or the Layout combobox in the toolbar.

Template file dialog: now completely reworked (V7-112)

The dialog for updating or reading a template (“Tools | Read template / Update template“) was completely reworked. Now objects can be selected individually. For example, all persons can now be explicitly selected and added to the template.

Copy & Paste (Ctrl+C/V) of multiple similar objects is now possible (V7-83)

The IQ-Software now offers copy/move & paste of multiple similar objects as an alternative to Drag & Drop.