CARM Server Version 5.70

APIS IQ-Software Version 7.0 – 0130 is now available to download. There are many new features and bug fixes that come with this service pack, but here are the highlights:

Linking block diagrams (V7-3490)

You can now link an area in the Block diagram to a Block diagram (in addition and indepently of the linked object) via “Edit | Link block diagram…” or context menu of an area. Areas that have a linked Block diagram display a Hot-Click icon that opens the linked Block diagram on double click.

(V7-6140)Automatic classification calculation

You can now choose via a new document setting “Classification | Calculation based on maximum of O/D valuation (can originate from different actions groups)” how the automatic classification calculation for FMEA Forms should behave. If the document setting is active (current and default behavior) the maximum valation of O and D is determined independently and then the classification rules are applied to these values. If the document setting is inactive the used combination of O/D-valuation must originate from the same actions group.

Hot click symbols for global notes (V7-628)

Notes of a catalog entry can now be displayed at the instance by a hot click symbol. These can be used as global notes. The hot click symbol can be activated or deactivated via the display options.

Prefix template: transfer of item codes to next level is now possible (V7-6465)

Transmission of Functional Safety relevant information via Special-Drag (V7-6497)

System elements can now be copied via special drag “Paste: Copy with net connections” together with functions, features, etc. and their net connections. Attributes relevant to Functional Safety will also be copied.