Our APIS IQ-Software (IQ: Integrated Quality) enables you to perform robust risk assessments and create mitigation plans for both your products and processes. We offer tools for:

  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Functional Safety Analysis
  • Design Review by Failure Mode (DRBFM)
  • And more…

APIS has developed these tools from the ground up, evolving and making improvements since market entry in 1992. We have a unique, graphically-driven approach that aids visual understanding in a way that spreadsheets never could - making changes across your data sets very easy to review and update across your entire analysis. Our software allows for you to enter data for all your analyses in any single location, while simultaneously updating the information in all editors and views.

We have created the best risk analysis tools on the market and produced software that enables our end users to quickly, efficiently and effectively analyze and assess products and processes thoroughly.

The free trial version of the software enables you to get a detailed overview of the functional range and capabilities of the APIS IQ-RM Tools.

The trial version offers you full functionality of IQ-RM PRO Version 7.0 with the following restrictions:

  • the software expires 60 days after installation
  • processing of only one database possible
  • restrictions concerning import and export of data

A database created with a trial version is only readable with the installation of your trial version. If you are interested in licensing the program and would like to continue using your trial database, our customer support will unlock the file for you.

Please fill out the form on the right to automatically download a trial of the APIS IQ-Software, and to experience the unique characteristics of our dynamic software tools!

  • FMEA

    What is FMEA?

    FMEA ("Failure Mode and Effect Analysis") is a problem analysis methodology that systematically identifies product and process risks and evaluates them according to customer importance, probability of occurrence and detection. The resultant risk prioritization provides the basis for efficient preventive error avoidance by limiting or preventing these risks through the application of appropriate actions.

    The APIS IQ-Software supports this analysis through clear and concise visual representation of all relevant data and their relationships.

  • Functional Safety Analysis

    What is Functional Safety Analysis?

    Functional Safety is the part of the overall safety of a system or piece of equipment dependent on the correct system or equipment operation in response to different inputs. Inputs may include the safe management of potential operator errors, hardware failures or environmental changes.

    The qualitative analysis for Functional Safety of a system is becoming more and more important. APIS specializes in evaluating and calculating the necessary criteria needed to ensure the highest standards are met.

    APIS IQ-RM PRO Software is Functional Safety Approved. SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH successfully certified our PRO Software to the following standards:

    • ISO 26262:2011
    • IEC 61508:2010
    • IEC 62304:2006

    Link to certificate


    What's DRBFM?

    DRBFM (Design Review Based on Failure Mode”) is derived from the FMEA methodology of risk mitigation with the added premise that product changes are the highest potential source for error and must be given higher scrutiny.

    The method is supported by the APIS IQ-Software in its entirety, with the tried and tested analysis tools and visual presentation of results.

  • System Requirements

    System Requirements

    APIS IQ-Software

    • PC with a IA32 (x86) compatible processor
    • Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x (desktop mode), Windows 10
    • Hard disk with 300 MB free space
    • CD ROM Drive
    • At least 1024 MB of free memory (RAM) and a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels
    • 4 GB RAM, CPU 2 GhZ and above, and a screen resolution of at least 1600 x1024 pixels are recommended

    Server Software


    For the CARM-Server software, the same requirements apply as for the client version. The operating system functions under either a Windows client or Windows Server version. A permanent network connection is necessary in order to communicate properly with the clients.


    The CARM-NG-Server is a platform independent application software, implemented in Java, which needs a Java EE server and a database, such as MySQL or MSSQL, for operation.

    The hardware requirements depend completely on the used components. APIS delivers the CARM-NG-Server with the application server GlassFish and the database MySQL. For this configuration we recommend server hardware with at least 1 gigabyte of memory and 4 gigabyte of hard disk space.