Service pack V3.6 – is available now. For new features and fixed bugs see the list below. This service pack can be downloaded from our internet site (

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New in CARM Server V3.6 –

[x] Classification of functions got lost when a module was uploaded to the CARM Server. This has been fixed.

[x] When a certificate is sent by email via “CSS Module Access Rights”, the certificate file will be created automatically if not already present.

[x] Error messages on sending emails were modified to be more meaningful.

[x] CSA Web Publisher: The document setting “Create Web Publisher export files” was not considered, when the setting “Create html export files for all languages available in the fme document” was active for the CARM Server. This has been fixed.

[x] When the CARM Server runs into trouble at startup concerning the configuration file, a shut down of the CARM Server will be performed. To choose a new configuration file is no longer supported.

[x] IQ Explorer: the command “CARM Server | Find newer modules” always failed on the first try even if newer modules were available. This has been fixed.

[x] Access rights of the module categories were ignores when searching for modules using the QI Explorer. This has been fixed.

[x] CARM Administration: Now it is possible to select a data language. For “CSS Catalogues” this is available separately for the client and server data.

[x] Different module categories must not have the same name. This will be checked when entering a category name.

[x] CSA Web Publisher / CSA PDF Publisher: An interval time of 0 deactivates the publisher.

[x] PDF Publisher: if the selected printer or fonts are not available for the server, a warning will be displayed when closing the management dialog of the print jobs.

[x] CSA PDF Publisher: The selected fonts of the CARM Server will be used for the pdf export.

[x] CSA PDF Publisher: Now it is possible to create more than one export jobs. These jobs will be performed consecutively.

[x] CSA PDF Publisher: If more than one export job will be performed, a separate subdirectory will be created at the destination directory.

[x] CARM Server Configuration: Within the tab “Backup” an option “Activate the extended Error Protocol for the next run of a CARM Server agent” is available now. This option enforces an ERRORS.LOG file to be written, if an error occurs during the next export. The ERRORS.LOG file is located in the log directory of the CARM Server.
Note: This option will be reset on each start of an agent.

[x] CSS Module: A document setting can be used to keep the name of a structure element, when a module will be updated.

[x] CSS Module: Embedded documents, which are referenced within a module, will be uploaded to the CARM Server. When downloading a module from the CARM Server the embedded documents will be integrated in the fme file.

[x] CSS Module / Web Interface: The selected interface language of the CARM Server is now also used for the web interface and for the displayed data within the web interface.


Date of Release:

  1. March 2011