Service Pack 5.7 – 0060

The latest Service Pack for APIS CARM-Server Version 5.70 is now available and ready to be downloaded.

Note: Unlike with CARM Version 4.65, this download is a zip file. To install it, simply extract the file and run the “setup.exe” file.

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Change history:


  • In the IQ-Software, under CSS Module Access Rights, a possibility has been created to store the owner of a certificate in the form of the Windows username. If such a certificate is installed, a check will be made upon connection attempts to the CARM-Server whether the entry in the certificate matches the Windows user logged in. This functionality requires IQ-Software V7.0 – 0110 or newer. [CARM-163]
  • The reference language for CSS modules and CSS catalogs can be set server-globally. It serves as an alternative language on the IQ-side, if a module or catalog object has no translation in the set document language. This functionality requires IQ-Software V7.0 – 0110 or newer. [CARM-168]