Service pack V6.5- 0190 is available now. For new features and fixed bugs see the list below. This service pack can be downloaded from our internet sites ( (  Download SP 0190


[x] RP-5653: In the DRBFM form sheet editor now there is a display option to define which effects should be shown.
[x] RP-5757: The main structure of structure-spanning documents is now displayed in bold font in the management dialog for FMEA Forms, Process Flows, and Control Plans.
[x] RP-5806: The data in the dialogs “Insert module”, “Update module” and “Check module update when opening a document (CARM-Server)” are displayed in the document language of the currently opened *.fme document.
[x] RP-5811: In FMEA form sheet the maximum severity rating can be displayed for failure modes and causes.
[x] RP-5870: Variant-specific deadlines and variant-specific responsibles for global actions can now also be consolidated.
[x] RP-5871: When copying global actions, a new catalog entry was created unnecessarily under certain circumstances. This is now avoided.
[x] RP-5887: In the Control Plan Editor there is a new table header “PLP IATF 16949 (v2)”, which contains the fields for the PLP phases (prototype, prelaunch, production). This can be selected via the display options.


[x] RP-3665: The Excel export (in format .xlsx) now contains the background colors of cells.
[x] RP-5793:
When importing product/process characteristics from Excel, a classification can now also be imported.

Only with maintenance license:

[x] RP-5792: An XML export can be initiated via command line command. This is now possible (besides structures and variants) for a specific project: EVALUATEXMLEXPORT=NameOfTheProject

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