Service pack Version 7.0- 0030 is available now. For installation information, new features and fixed bugs see the list below.


  • In the management dialog 8D reports can now be copied and reordered. [V7-204]
  • Symbolic deadlines and responsibles can now be exported and imported as CSV text files. [V7-368]
  • If you have opened multiple personal desktop windows and perform an ALT+double click on a Hot-click icon that opens another workspace (e.g. failure net), a dialog opens so that you can choose a destination workspace and personal desktop window.
    When you synchronize while holding the ALT key (i.e. STRG+ALT+Q or STRG+Shift+ALT+Q), the same dialog is opened to choose the destination for the synchronization. These commands are also available in the “Window” menu: “Synchronize from upper/lower workspace”.
    This feature simplifies working with multiple personal desktop windows. [V7-463]
  • When an action is faded in, the valuation of the action to be faded in is assigned to the fade in location, if no valuation exists there. [V7-470]
  • The deadline description field can now be marked in color in the FMEA form. [V7-995]
  • Filter: the level “Function” now offers to filter by “has requirement with…”. [V7-1072]
  • The variant-specific creation date for an action state now can be deleted in the properties dialog and the Object Inspector. [V7-1554, V7-2598]
  • When synchronizing into the AIAG/VDA Form a dialog giving multiple options is now shown (if necessary). [V7-1888]
  • Presentation Printing/Web Publisher: the control plan layout “N2018” is now also available in Presentation print and Web Publisher. [V7-2356]
  • There is a new document setting in tab “Administration”: “Always create a meeting log for this document”. If this option is set (by default inactive), a meeting log is written irrespective of the workstation setting “Create meeting log”. If this document setting is inactive the workstation setting is used as before. [V7-2448]
  • In the status bar at the bottom, the “Actions” icon can now be more easily distinguished between active and inactive. [V7-2466]
  • Notes/Management Report: The degree of progess of a structure/variant can now be added using placeholders. Hint: The value can only be determined if the database is unique, i.e. if the data is a structure or a variant. [V7-2518]
  • Bookmark: UNC notation will will be stored alongside the filename using Windows convention. Therefore, if the path is not available in the local Windows file system, the UNC path will be used to open the file. [V7-2530]


  • FMEA forms can now be selected as content for the user-defined view. [V7-415]
  • In the Process Flow Diagram you can now define a color for lines via the dialog for defining the line style (“Line style…” in the right-click menu). [V7-914]
  • New hot-click icons for fault trees are now available. The icon can signal four different states:1. the failure is the root of a fault tree2. the failure is a basic event of a fault tree3. the failure is located on an intermediate level of a fault tree4. the failure is not part of fault tree.

    The hot-click icon can be enabled via the display options of an editor (area “Hot-click symbols“) [V7-2096]

  • Filter/Highlight: analogous to the criterion “Fmea form is existing” it is now possible to filter by Block- and P-Diagrams. [V7-2415]
  • The right-click menu above the bookmark list no longer contains the commands “Text” or “Paragraph Properties” because the assignment to the relevant text passages is not clear. [V7-2449]
  • When deleting links, a query dialog now appears again. [V7-2465]
  • A new display option (Options > Colored visualization of differences during multi-inspection) allows the user to see whether differences in values exist both in color and the tab header when using multi-inspection. [V7-2503]
  • The global AP color values are now also applied to statistics. [V7-2516]

CARM Server:

  • You can now compare module versions on the CARM Server directly from their insert/built location. Use the new menu command “Compare modules…” in the “CSS Modules” submenu for this. [V7-545]


  • When importing Excel files, you can now also import number and notes for requirements. [V7-2562]

Properties Dialog:

  • A “Filter” input field is now available for selecting user-defined attributes, which can be used to reduce the list of attributes dynamically. [V7-2450]

FMEA Forms Editor:

  • In the FMEA form there is a new display option “Show empty revision states”. This allows you to control whether revision states that do not contain actions are displayed in the form. [V7-854]
  • If the display option “Highlight rejected/overdue actions with color” is active, then each deadline of an overdue action will be drawn with overdue color. [V7-2391]
  • The use of colors for risk matrix evaluations can now be controlled separately using the new “Use background color for risk matrix calculations” display option. [V7-2435]


  • In the dialog for selecting a secondary file in the Consolidation desktop, you can now select the option “Use file system location of original secondary document”. The complete file name assigned when the secondary document was created is then used as the secondary document. [V7-117]

The following bugs have been fixed with this service pack:
V7-2193, V7-2507, V7-2421, V7-2680, V7-2411, V7-2469, V7-2306, V7-2637, V7-2540, V7-2187, V7-2402, V7-2661, V7-2403, V7-2484, V7-2419, V7-2486, V7-2512, V7-2451, V7-2513, V7-2393, V7-2488, V7-2655

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