Service pack Version 7.0- 0050 is available now. For installation information, new features and fixed bugs see the list below. 


  • The “FMEA Errata Sheet” from the AIAG/VDA FMEA handbook was adapted into relevant parts of the IQ-Software. [V7-3427]

FMEA Forms Editor:

  • When entering the FMEA number, a check will be made if this number is unique for the entire fme file. [V7-3424]


  • The FMEA-MSR Formsheet is now available. This form can be used to analyze the causes that may occur in the category “customer operation” regarding their effects on the system, taking into account safety mechanisms and operating conditions. Safety mechanisms contained in the failure net are displayed in the FMEA-MSR Form. Furthermore, safety mechanisms can be derived from actions that were entered in Section 6 of the MSR form. These safety mechanisms are displayed in the MSR form and integrated into the failure network. Similar to the FMEA Formsheet, various scenarios can also be displayed and evaluated in Section 6 of the MSR Formsheet. [V7-3638]

Functional Safety:

  • In the Failure Net Editor, the settings for decimal places have been reinstated. (“Display options | Functional Safety“).
    Tools | Workstation Settings | Settings” now also offers a “Functional Safety” page. There, the displayed decimal places for values according to IEC 61508 / ISO 26262 can be set. By default, the names according to the ISO standard are used unless the document is set to IEC standard (Document Settings | Functional Safety). The decimal places for DC(SPF) and DC(LF) are now equal and can be set in the “DC” edit field. [V7-114]
  • Adaptations of “Functional Safety” functionality according to “ISO 26262 Second edition 2018-12”: New objects were introduced for the definition of Safety Goals. Safety Goals can be defined for Structure Elements. The ASIL classification and the assignment of target values can be defined for a Safety Goal. For the violation of a Safety Goal, single faults and multiple faults can be linked via two predefined anchors in the failure net. [V7-128]

FMEDA Forms Editor:

  • The FMEDA Form for ISO 26262 has been revised: The “Functional Safety Table” (Version 6.5) has been integrated into the new layout. Content of a FMEDA Form is now a Safety Goal (New object in V7.0). Based on a Safety Goal and the information available about the failure net, the FMEDA Form is filled in and the corresponding Functional Safety calculations are performed. [V7-209]
  • In the FMEDA Form Layout ISO-26262 two columns “Source FIT” and “Source for % value of failure” have been added. [V7-294]

The following bugs have been fixed with this service pack:
V7-2861, V7-3445, V7-3505, V7-3550

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