Service pack Version 7.0 – 0120 is available now. For installation information, new features and fixed bugs see the list below. 


  • You can now copy & paste (Ctrl+C/V) multiple homogeneous objects. [V7-83]
  • The dialog for updating or reading a template ("Tools | Read template / Update template") was completely reworked. Now objects can be selected individually. For example, all persons can now be explicitly selected and added to the template. [V7-112]
  • For ASIL or SIL values the detail parameters (S, E, and C or C, F, P and W) are now always shown if available. [V7-2168]
  • The drop-down selection lists for ratings (S, O and D) are now always displayed in descending order. [V7-4497]
  • Assistent rules: rules with no category will not be evaluated now. The command "Reset parameters for rules" will apply the category "System" to all system defined rules. Others will have no category after applying this command. [V7-5653]
  • You can now define a "Quantity" for system elements. This attribute can be set in the Properties dialog/Object Inspector and displayed in the Structure Editor or FFA Editor. [V7-5807]
  • You can now choose to use the "DeepL API Free" plan instead of "DeepL API PRO" with the IQ Software. If you want to do that, configure the "DeepL-URL" in "Workstation settings | Network settings" to "". For further information please consult "". [V7-5906]
  • Input collector: The order of the headings has been adjusted. In addition, a light bulb is now displayed for the "Determine direction" and "Determine variants" headings, and a wrench is displayed for all other headings (catalog content excluded). If the suggestion list has been hidden (and only then), the query dialogs known from V6.5 for determining direction and variants appear when the dialog is closed. The selection then applies to all newly created objects. [V7-5909]
  • Management Report: to unify terms, the label "table" is renamed to "report" or "report/component". [V7-5950]
  • Notes: Paragraphs can now be indented to the right with the key combination Ctrl + E. With Ctrl + Shift + E the indent can be shifted to the left again. [V7-6000]
  • The Quality Rules for actions were adjusted: they now examine all non-rejected actions except "None" actions (column "Value(All)" in the Management Report). Furthermore symbolic responsibles/deadlines without concrete value no longer count as missing.
    A corner case in the rule "Actions without responsibility and deadline" was fixed. [V7-6123]
  • Presentation Print/Web Publisher: When working with ISO-26262, the level "Safety Goals" is now offered. Within this level, it is now possible to select the FMEDA forms that will be output. In this mode, the FMEDA forms that were previously selected under the structures are omitted. [V7-6134]
  • You can now define "Default user access for new persons and structures" in "Document settings | Administration". Selecting e.g. "Read" leads to newly created persons only having read access to all structures of the document. Furthermore, when creating a new structure only the owner has read/write access. All other users have only the selected read access. [V7-6156]
  • Issue V7-5477 changed with V7.0 – 0110 the way in which Excel exports were performed. This change was rolled back, now the Excel export behaves as it did in V7.0 – 0100 (and earlier). If needed the behavior introduced with V7-5477 can now be manually activated in the "Workstation settings | Table editors | Use layout based Excel export". [V7-6209]
  • Table editors and the FFA now show the "View | Format | Differences" in a separate color (turquoise). You can change this color in "Tools | Workstation settings | Fonts and colors" with "Background color | Differences". This color is also used in the Object Inspector for visualizing differences (V7-2503) and the version history (V7-2802). [V7-6230]
  • File bookmarks: opening a file bookmark now uses the workstation setting "Open editor via hot-click icon in…" [V7-6255]
  • Management report/placeholder: until now it was not possible to control whether filter names etc. should be added automatically to the free text area or not. This can now be controlled via check box. [V7-6266]


  • You can now show the classification of effects, failure modes and causes directly in the respective failure column (Display options | Additional details). [V7-5793]
  • In editor "DRBFM Form" there is now a display option ("Table | Show requirements") to show requirements of functions. [V7-6034]
  • The system elements of highlighting and Quality-Rule hits are now highlighted in color in the structure tree. A distinction (whether highlighting or Quality Rule) is only possible in the structure list. [V7-6135]
  • It is now possible to display a logo in the header data in the AIAG/VDA editor. To do this, the display option "Show company logo" must be activated. [V7-6205]
  • Graph Editor: The edge colors in the have been adapted to the net editors and the structure tree and are now displayed in black by default. [V7-6233]

User View Editor:

  • A new user defined view can now be created using the "New…" command. By default this new view has the project as focus column and also displays structures. [V7-4944]
  • IQ-URL-Reference: if a reference to an object is created in a user-defined-view then this user-defined-view will be reactivated again when the reference is opened. Note: if this user-defined-view has been deleted in the meantime, then no synchronization takes place. [V7-5820]
  • It is now possible to show "IQ Object ID" as an attribute in the table. [V7-6139]

Data Manager:

  • The AP Catalogs have a new, read-only layout showing catalogs as compact matrices. You can activate this via "View | Format | Layout | Matrix representation" or the Layout combobox in the toolbar. [V7-777]
  • In "Attributes and categories | Naming patterns for system elements", the background color and the item code for the individual entries can now be defined. [V7-4033]
  • In "Terminology and translation" it is now also possible to translate deadline descriptions. [V7-5966]

Only with Maintenance License:

  • The Hot-click icon for block diagrams now has a graphical tooltip: an image of the block diagram including the areas that are linked to the object. [V7-5981]

The following bugs have been fixed with this service pack:
V7-3284, V7-4370, V7-5762, V7-6095, V7-6131, V7-6141, V7-6144, V7-6176, V7-6208, V7-6285, V7-6295