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17th APIS user meeting in September 2011: Review, lectures, and pictures

More than 200 participants made the 17th APIS User Meeting in Fulda a very well-attended and highly successful event.

First of all, we would like to thank our external lecturers:

  • Attorney Andreas Reuter (Robert Bosch GmbH)
    Legal aspects of FMEA regarding product liability, due diligence, prior art, and relationship between customer and supplier
  • Dr. Alexander Schloske(Fraunhofer IPA)
    Field report from a functional safety project pursuant to IEC 61508 in the automotive sector
  • Friedrich Piewald (QSC GmbH)
    Integration of APIS IQ software in ERP and CAQ systems – continuous failure cycle
  • Heiko Dold (Marquardt GmbH)
    FMEA reporting – reporting to team and management using APIS IQ-CT analysis desktop and CARM server
  • Fabian Heimann (Valeo Wischersysteme GmbH)
    Consistency of product characteristics and classifications in FMEA – from the drawing through to production
  • Adam Schnellbach (Magna Powertrain AG & Co. KG)
    FMEA and functional safety – approach at Magna Powertrain
  • Nenad Bartolic (Festo AG & Co. KG)
    Mechatronic evaluation of the FMEA using the APIS IQ software – is the FTA methodology partially replaceable?

The range of topics comprised…

  • Legal aspects (Attorney Andreas Reuter, Robert Bosch GmbH):
    As in the previous user meetings (2004, 2006, 2008, and 2009), it was illustrated, which aspects are to be observed from a legal point of view. Starting with the “basics of product liability” via “due diligence” through to “documentation / information security – relationship between customer and supplier”, the basics for everyday work were imparted or their importance brought to mind again.
  • Field report functional safety (Dr. Alexander Schloske, Fraunhofer IPA):
    After the basics of functional safety were presented, a practical example was introduced, in which a rotary switch was analyzed using the APIS IQ software. It was also demonstrated how to analyze a mechatronic system with regard to systematic and incidental faults and functional safety parameters so that all the requirements of an auditor are complied with.
  • APIS IQ and CAQ (Friedrich Piewald, QSC GmbH):
    At first, the CAQ supplier demonstrated how to integrate the APIS IQ software into a complete system. This solution enables the user to interlink everything consistently, from ERP systems via the CAQ solution QS1 by QSC through to the tried and tested APIS IQ tools in an automated manner.
  • Data exchange (John Rainer, APIS IT GmbH):
    It was demonstrated which requirements to observe with regard to the realization of an interface for automatic data exchange. In the future, such an interface can be activated as an XDI interface (XDI = external data integration) in the IQ software.
  • FMEA samples (Stefan Weidner, Ingo Wroblewski, APIS IT GmbH):
    Various template concepts from the practical experience of FMEA moderators were introduced and their pros and cons discussed. The issue of which aspects need to be observed when updating the templates was also dealt with.
  • Graph editor (Peter Rosenbeck, APIS IT GmbH):
    The theory underlying graphs was dealt with introductorily, a relationship to the practice in current FMEA user data was established, and the graph editor, which will be more important in the future, was introduced as a solution for a variety of requirements. The plan is to integrate the graph editor into IQ-FMEA PRO and IQ-RM PRO as of version 6.5.
  • FMEA reporting (Heiko Dold, Marquardt GmbH):
    Efficient reporting to team and management was the starting point for a project, in which adjustments in the IQ software and the use of the APIS CARM server eventually led to essential improvements. The lecture discussed the room for improvement which is available in other companies too and which paths were followed at Marquardt.
  • Consistency of classification (Fabian Heimann, Valeo Wischersysteme):
    The lecture demonstrated by means of various examples how to realize the consistency in the classification of characteristics from the design FMEA through to the process. Merely a bit more work when creating the design FMEA by adding another level of analysis leads to accordingly lower time and effort when creating the process FMEA.
  • Functional safety (Adam Schnellbach, Magna Powertrain AG & Co.KG):
    The possible support by means of FMEA regarding the matter of functional safety was presented on the basis of the APIS IQ software. It was demonstrated how to set up and structure a functional safety concept and how to handle functional safety requirements.
  • FTA partially replaceable? (Nenad Bartolic, Festo AG & Co.KG):
    Starting with the provocative question, whether the FTA can be (partially) replaced, the significance of mechatronic evaluations and the mechatronics FMEA was then demonstrated.
  • Tips and tricks (Alexander Weiss, APIS IT GmbH):
    Many an unexpected and unknown possibility was presented to increase the efficiency when using the APIS IQ tools. The great usefulness is again and again confirmed by the participants.
  • Lectures in pdf format

    You can request pdf files of the 2011 lectures by contacting

    Additional filtering workshop

    Following the user meeting, a workshop on the subject of filtering took place. This workshop day was offered, because the respective lecture held by Hans Meidinger and Alexander Weiß (both APIS IT GmbH) during the user meeting in 2010 had attracted an enormous interest and the request was expressed to go into the details of this subject.

    We have already planned a workshop on the subject of simultaneous engineering following the next user meeting in Würzburg in 2012.

    The social program

    The social program was greatly enjoyed by the participants. More than half of them already attended the get-together the night before the meeting started. At an informal dinner, they had the possibility to meet familiar and new faces and to casually exchange experience and information.

    Like in the previous years, there was a lot being offered on the night of the first day.

    The guided tour through the city included a couple of highlights and ended at the café of the museum, where we could enjoy culinary delights and stimulating conversations. The exchange of information was occasionally interrupted by live music performed by the “Schlagerlust” trio, which was enthusiastically embraced.

    Pictures of the user meeting

    Many photographs were taken again this year. Please find a selection of the best photographs at our picture gallery.

    Outlook on the next user meeting

    We hope that all the participants got interesting and helpful suggestions and had as much fun as we had. And of course, we already look forward to meet many of our IQ users again in person in Würzburg next year!

    Seeing the software as well as the user meeting you can tell that APIS does not rest on its laurels, but remains innovative! A special thanks for that!

    The 18th APIS user meeting will be held in Würzburg on September 18 and 19, 2012.

    Those who are interested should keep that in mind and obtain further, more detailed information at a later date.

    Your APIS team