• Service packs are available for users who have already installed APIS IQ-Software and would like to update the tool.

    Service packs are periodically made available to address software problems and provide new functions. Minor supplements to one service pack, or "software patches" are also occasionally made available. Service Packs are cumulative, i.e. the newest Service Pack includes all improvements and bug fixes.

    Note that patches are minor supplements to their respective service pack and should therefore be applied to a specific service pack only. They only contain error corrections and no new functions. After having downloaded the patch, you will need to copy it into the program directory of the IQ-Software. This will overwrite the existing "sll" file. Write access to the installation directory is required.

    Please contact our support if you can't download the files because of security reasons. We will gladly offer you the service packs in a different format or even send it to you on CD.

    APIS IQ-Software service pack updates

To download the latest versions of the IQ-Software, click here

Information on Service Packs

Important information for APIS IQ-Software Version 6

Before updating, please look up the current state of the software:

  • state or older: please install Service Pack
  • state or please install Service Pack