Version 7.0

APIS IQ-Software Version 7.0 has arrived!

Version 7.0 of APIS IQ-Software, released in mid-2019, continues the long tradition of APIS IQ-Software. In addition to the complete functionality of version V6.5, it contains many innovations and additional functions. In particular, all 7 steps according to the AIAG/VDA FMEA manual published at the beginning of June 2019 are supported (FMEA scope, Action Priority, valuation catalogs, AIAG/VDA form). The new Block/Boundary Diagram and Parameter Diagram editors also support these steps.

Reporting and other features

Version 7.0 offers improved reporting functionality in the form of the Management Report editor. This enables the creation/updating of regular reports with key figures from the FMEA. New quality rules make it possible to automatically find problematic data constellations. There are also numerous optimizations to the IQ-Software’s overall capabilities: context menu for hot-click symbols, toolbars in the workspaces, revised and dockable Object Inspector (including multi-inspection via matrix display, reduced view and improved handling of variants and languages), new collective input, new structuring of display options and settings dialogs, auto-complete in structure list and function/error analysis, fine zoom in all editors, background color for all objects, and much more.

Forms and action analysis

There are further innovations to the various form editors and action analysis, including multiple classifications, an improved Excel export (colors, symbols, graphics) and the simultaneous opening of several forms. The Design Verification Plan and Report (DVP&R) now has its own administration and actions can be directly integrated as tests.

In the expansion stages APIS IQ-FMEA PRO and APIS IQ-RM PRO, the “Design for Six Sigma (DfSS)” is supported by various editors (Pairwise Comparison Matrix, House of Quality 1/2/3). In these expansion stages, there is also the “Audit Trail” feature, i.e. a computer-generated change protocol with document version release, which is used in the field of medical technology (GxP).

To see a comprehensive overview of all the new features with screenshots, click here.


There are now several videos to explain certain new features of the IQ-Software as well as installation videos. Click here for the video page.

Stay up-to-date

Via regular service packs for Version 7.0, additional features will be added. All customer feedback is very welcome and will naturally be taken into account.

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Enjoy the new APIS IQ-Software

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