History of APIS IQ-Software

Innovative History, Innovative Future

Business objectives of APIS Informationstechnologien GmbH / APiS North America, LLC

We will continually strive to exceed our customers’ expectations; implementing innovative functionalities into our future products. We always want you to know you made the right decision in choosing APIS IQ-Software risk management products and services.

History of APIS IQ-Software

They copied all they could follow but they couldn’t copy my mind so I left them sweating and stealing a year and a half behind. Rudyard Kipling (1865 – 1936)


  • APIS IQ-Software Version 7.0
    • AIAG/VDA Alignment:
      FMEA scope
      Action Priority
      Valuation catalogs
      AIAG/VDA Form
    • Quality Rules
    • P-Diagram Editor
    • Block-Diagram Editor
    • Management Report Editors
    • Context menu for hot-click icons
    • Toolbars in workspaces
    • Revised and dockable Object Inspector
    • New collective input
    • New structuring of display options and settings dialogs
    • Auto-complete in structure list and function/error analysis
    • Fine zoom in all editors
    • Background color for all objects
    • Improved Excel export
  • CARM Server Version 5.70
  • APIS®, CARM®, IQ-RM® & IQ-FMEA® are registered trademarks of APIS Informationstechnologien GmbH


  • “Make focus element” feature now in the Structure Editor and FFA
  • Actions, Faded in actions, O/D valuation, Responsible/deadline can be displayed in the Fault Tree Editor
  • User-defined attributes can be merged
  • SysML connection via Enterprise Architect
  • ReqIF-Import


  • Audit Trail
  • Individual Quality Report (IQR Summary Function)
  • Design for Six Sigma (House of Quality)
  • CSS Modules – Module comparison


  • CARM Server 5th generation

    • Administrator for module categories
    • Module variants
  • FMEA form layout “Ondal”
  • Attributes for failure effects & causes in the User defined view
  • Risk Matrix valuations can now be displayed and edited in the FMEA Forms Editor


  • CARM Server 4th generation

    • “Non module” net connections and variant support
  • Zoom in function for all editors
  • Display of requirements in Control Plan


  • APIS IQ-Software 6.5
  • Background color for system elements
  • Suggestion list
  • Cause-centered FMEA view
  • Default attributes
  • Notes tool tip
  • Excel export
  • Risk matrix set
  • Graph editor
  • Summary functions
  • Excel import: Extension of importable rows
  • Background colors for classification symbols & action categories


  • Third Toolbar with list box for content, variants, filter, etc
  • Export & import of deadline lists from the Deadline Editor in Excel format.


  • Control Plan Layout “Inspection plan”


  • FMEA Form Layout “Renault 01-33-200”


  • APIS CARM-NG Server
  • APIS IQ-Software 6.0
  • Operating conditions, failure detections, and failure reactions in failure nets (“Mechatronics FMEA”)
  • Complete Unicode support (also for Asian languages)
  • Support for current standards of VDA and AIAG
  • Enhanced Object Inspector
  • Statistics (Risk matrix)
  • Statistics: difference analysis, frequency analysis and action tracking based on structures
  • Complete web-front end for tracing actions(CARM-NG)
  • Simultaneous Engineering: Component Interfaces
  • Simultaneous Engineering: Requirement interfaces
  • Filter opportunities for all editors
  • Global actions
  • Downstreaming
  • External Data Integration (XDI)
  • ISO 26262
  • 8D Report
  • Design Verification Plan & Report
  • FMEDA Editor
  • CARM Server 3rd generation

    • Administration of rights with multiple certificates


  • IQ CT Analysis (Customized Tool)
  • IQ CT Form (Customized Tool)
  • IQ CT Action (Customized Tool)
  • FTA with minimum cut set computation


  • APIS IQ-CT (Customized Tools)
  • APIS IQ-Software 5.1
  • Symultaneous Engineering
  • Object Inspector
  • IEC 61508 Functional Safety
  • Computer Based Training
  • User defined views
  • Statistics: Structure based Pareto analysis
  • Design Review by Failure Mode (DRBFM) analysis


  • CARM Server 2nd generation

    • CSA modules to update FME files


  • APIS CARM Server: CSA Web Publisher


  • APIS CARM-Server
    • CSS Module
    • CSS Action Tracking
    • CSS List
    • CARM Server Web Front End (r/o)
  • APIS IQ-Software 5.0
  • Data manager
  • Special Drag&Drop
  • User defined attributes
  • User defined labels
  • Ishikawa Editor for function- & failure net
  • Symbolic deadlines
  • Symbolic Responsible
  • Integrated Requirement Management (IQ MORE)


  • APIS IQ-Software 4.0
  • Complete ‘undo’ mechanism
  • Complete integration of PFD and CP
  • Structure Variants
  • Flow diagram integrated into PDF
  • IQ Explorer for knowledge management
  • Excel import of FMEA forms
  • Diagnosis support in failure nets
  • Support for complex filtering in forms
  • Auto-filter in forms
  • HTML support in notes
  • Personal Information Manager (PIM)
  • Presentation print
  • Integrated assistant
  • Anything goes (Middle-out)


  • APIS IQ-Software 3.5 
  • Control Plan (QS-9000)
  • Process Flow Diagram (QS-9000)
  • Access rights for structures
  • Unrestricted data input in forms (‘middle out’ instead of ‘top down’)
  • HTML Export from FMEA forms
  • Notification of responsible persons via email
  • Export and Import in SGML format (later XML) as open source standard for data exchange with other systems
  • Versioning support for all forms (FMEA, PDF, CP)
  • All labels user defined
  • User defined valuation catalogues
  • User defined palettes


  • APIS IQ-Software 3.1
  • QS-9000/AIAG FMEA
  • Notes


  • APIS IQ-Software 3.0


  • APIS IQ-Software 2.3
  • Statistics Editor
  • Support for multilingual data contents
  • GUI languages: German, English, French, Spanish
  • Drag&Drop supported
  • MIL standard
  • RTF export
  • Export and import of structures
  • FMEA layout QS9000
  • Direct translation in the form for all layouts
  • Integration of failure trees and event trees into the failure net for a standardized non-redundant model
  • Context sensitive help
  • Multilingual notes in the FMEA form
  • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)

1992: Market Entry of IQ-Software

  • APIS IQ-Software 2.0
  • Direct editing in the form was restricted to enforce methodical consistency (‘top down’ : a dependent object could only be introduced when the corresponding independent object existed).
  • Object Database
  • Graphical Editors (Structure, Function Net, Failure Net)
  • WYSIWYG Form
  • Integrated Print Engine
  • WYSIWYG printing

 1988: Start of Development

Development of a first prototype FMEA System as a part of a Diagnostic System. This prototype included:

  • The structure including the Structure and Function Failure Analysis (FFA) editors
  • The form layout organized in the way of effect-failure-cause which was later (1996) adopted by VDA
  • Function trees, Failure trees and event trees
  • WYSIWYG standard for all editors