The APIS mission from the beginning has been to revolutionize how clients leverage FMEAs within their risk management and functional safety efforts to improve their products and processes with our innovative, high quality software products, expert training & consulting, and impeccable attention to customer service.


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Apis (/ˈeɪpᵻs/; Ancient Greek: Ἄπις) is the name of a figure, or several figures, appearing in the earliest antiquity according to Greek mythology and historiography. It is uncertain exactly how many figures of the name Apis can be distinguished, particularly due to variations of their stories. A common element is that an Apis was an early king in the Peloponnesus that had a territory named after himself, and that Apis was often, but not always, ascribed an Egyptian origin. In Egyptian mythology, Apis or Hapis (alternatively spelled Hapi-ankh) is a sacred bull. Apis served as an intermediary between humans and an all-powerful god. Apis was the most important of all the sacred animals in Egypt, and, as with the others, its importance increased as time went on. Click here to read more.