The Right Equipment

In order to use the APIS IQ-Software, certain hardware and software components are necessary.

It is important to distinguish between the product lines APIS IQ-Software and CARM-Server software.

The product line APIS IQ-Software (also called clients) consists of IQ-FMEA, IQ-RM and their expanded versions: IQ-FMEA, IQ-FMEA-L, IQ-FMEA PRO, IQ-RM and IQ-RM PRO. IQ-CT is the product of choice for clear defined tasks as it offers a smaller range of functions and therefore requires less training effort.

The server software “CARM-Server” complements the IQ-Software with automated services including PDF-Publisher and action tracking.

Further information is available on the products and the product comparison pages.

APIS IQ-Software

Generally, the following system requirements apply for all expansion stages of the product line APIS IQ-Software:

Local Client

  • PC with a IA32 (x86) compatible processor
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.x (desktop mode), Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Hard disk with 500 MB free space
  • At least 4 GB RAM, CPU 2 GHz and a screen resolution of at least 1600 x1024 pixels

Depending on the chosen licensing model, you have to take the following into account:

Version With Dongle

Additional to above-mentioned requirements a card reader or a free USB port is necessary. The card reader is delivered by request.

Network Version

The network version consists of two components:

  • The network component is typically stored on an existing file server or on a network drive. A standalone server for floating licensing is not necessary to manage licenses.
  • For the client component, the same requirements apply as mentioned above (local client).

A permanent network connection of 100 Mbit/s is necessary for the data exchange to work properly.

Network Version with NLX

For the network version with NLX, the above-mentioned requirements of the network version also apply. The requirements listed under “Local Client” apply to the NLX client.

Additional information about the network installation is available in the installation manual in the download section.

Server Software


For the CARM-Server software, the same requirements apply as for the client version. The operating system functions under either a Windows client or Windows Server version. A permanent network connection is necessary in order to communicate properly with the clients.


The CARM-NG-Server is a platform-independent application software, implemented in Java, which needs a Java EE server and a database, such as MySQL, for operation.

The hardware requirements depend completely on the used components. APIS delivers the CARM-NG-Server with the application server GlassFish and the database MySQL. For this configuration, we recommend server hardware with at least 1 gigabyte of memory and 4 gigabytes of hard disk space.