Tips & Tricks from the User Meeting 2014

Every year APIS Informationtechnologies GmbH holds a User Meeting at a conference hotel somewhere in Germany. It is an event that enables us to spend a couple of days meeting with some of our software users (usually upwards of 230 users attend) and discussing FMEA, DRBFM and Functional Safety topics along with multiple presentations being held […]

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Global Actions!

The Global Actions feature was introduced with Version 6.0 of the IQ Software…yet, in my travels training many engineers across the globe, it seems many remain unaware of the efficiency gains it offers.  Take a fresh look at this little powerhouse of functionality. The ‘Action’ objects in the IQ software are the root elements of […]

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How to use ‘Creation or modification date (stamp)’ (V6.5 SP 0140)

While working in an ever expanding fme file, it helps to be able to have an immediate overview checker for IQ elements that have been created or changed. This new system-defined filter allows you to select one or more IQ objects and assess exactly this. Below is an example of how to implement this new functionality […]

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Start spring in the cultural metropolis of Prague

photo: Prague

Do you or one of your colleagues need some training in the APIS IQ Software and don’t mind spending a couple of days in the beautiful city of Prague? This year again there are two events taking place, both held in English: The Two-in-One training (15.05 to 17.05) and FMEA Facilitator Workshop (18.05 to 19.05). Prague […]

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How to use arithmetical function placeholders

Arithmetical functions (V6.5 – SP 0140) Arithmetical functions are a handy new tool to view and compare information on your fme file and IQ objects. These are used in conjunction with Individual Quality Reports & Summary Functions in the “Note” of the IQ object. Below is an example of how to use this functionality, currently available […]

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New CARM Server Version 4.65 Service Pack available 0070

CARM Server Version 4.65 – 0070 The latest Service Pack for APIS CARM Server Version 4.65 is now ready and waiting to be downloaded.  If you want to see a comprehensive list of new features and bug fixes for SP 0070, then click here. If you didn’t receive the update by email and would like to be informed about […]

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Highlights of Service Pack V6.5 – 0140

Highlights of Service Pack V6.5 – 0140 IQ Explorer search/filter/highlight: ‘Failure net connections correspond to function net’ (RP-4666) This new filter criteria is a useful verification tool that checks if the failure net connections (causes and effects) are parallel to that of the function net connections. Structure Editor, FFA and IQ Explorer: New filter criteria […]

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How2: Faded-In Actions

How to! image

As I perused my blog entries the other day, I noticed that I’d been writing primarily about FMEA fundamentals.  This isn’t a bad thing per-se, but it does exclude a whole realm of other topics that are of interest to our APIS readership. So I’m decidedly switching gears to a more of a “how to” […]

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Successful launch of open training in Asia

Being close to our customers has always been a priority here at APIS. We live by this principle not only when it comes to the constant improvement of the IQ-Software, but also by offering a variety of training opportunities worldwide. In cooperation with strong local partners, we successfully conducted the first in a series of […]

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New IQ Software Version 6.5 Service Pack available – 0140

Service Pack 0140 IQ Version 6.5

IQ Software Version 6.5 – 0140 The latest Service Pack for APIS IQ Software Version 6.5 is now ready and waiting to be downloaded.  If you want to see a comprehensive list of new features and bug fixes for SP 0140, then click here. If you didn’t receive the update by email and would like […]

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