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The international APIS User Meeting, Germany 2018

We are delighted to anounce the XXIV User Meeting, Germany taking place this year in Kassel. APIS IQ Software users from around the world are welcome to join us at our very first international User Meeting, whereby a translator will be present to translate German presentations to English and vice versa. For more information, see […]

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New CARM Server Version 4.65 Service Pack available – 0100

CARM Server Version 4.65 – 0100 The latest Service Pack for APIS CARM Server Version 4.65 is now ready and waiting to be downloaded. For new features and fixed bugs see the list below. If you didn’t receive the update by email and would like to be informed about software updates automatically, then please select the relevant boxes to […]

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Highlights of Service Pack V6.5 – 0170

Highlights of Service Pack V6.5 – 0170 In Lists with a tree view (e.g. Structure Editor) levels can be folded/unfolded with a mouse click (RP-5420) This practical new feature enables the user to fold/unfold levels in a list more quickly and precisely using the keyboard and the mouse: Ctrl + left-click: folds/unfolds entire level Ctrl […]

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New IQ Software Version 6.5 Service Pack available – 0170

IQ Software Version 6.5 – 0170 The latest Service Pack for APIS IQ Software Version 6.5 is now ready and waiting to be downloaded.  If you want to see a comprehensive list of new features and bug fixes for SP 0170, then click here. If you didn’t receive the update by email and would like […]

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The CARM Server

Across the world, more than 1500 customers use the APIS IQ Software to create robust FMEA’s, implement DRBFM’s and achieve Functional Safety. The range of editors from the Structure Tree, FMEA Form, to the Object Inspector allow the user to optimally view and edit important data efficiently. One not-so-obvious gem that is available from APIS […]

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APIS North America, LLC

APiS North America 1st Annual User Conference

To RSVP to the conference and reserve your spot, please fill out the APiS North America 2018 User Conference attendance form and click here for full brochure and list of our speakers. We are excited to share with you, and invite you to join our 1st IQ Software User Conference, June 4 and 5, 2018!  […]

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Stay up-to-date with your IQ Software

If you use the APIS IQ-Software in its variety of forms, from the basic version IQ FMEA right down to IQ-RM PRO, you will know how powerful it can be but also how extensive and vast its tools and editors reach. In fact, many users don’t know about so many of its intricate functionalities that […]

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How to use Partial XML Export

Partial XML Export/Import When performing an FMEA, the situation can arise that you need to send a part of the FMEA to a customer or supplier in order for it to be assessed or evaluated more closely. The customer will then make their changes and send it back to you. In this case, it is […]

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Highlights of Service Pack V6.5 – 0160

Highlights of Service Pack V6.5 – 0160 IQ Explorer – CSV export: IQ object ID can now be represented in two formats (RP-5203) The “IQ object ID” column in the CSV Export can now be represented as “Standard” or as “XML”. This can be set in Workstation settings -> Settings -> Other. This enables a consistency […]

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Folding operations in FMEA Form Editor

Tips & Tricks from User Meeting, 2017

APIS IQ Software Tips and Tricks, 2017 Tip 1 FMEA Form – Folding operations Reason for using: Better overview and easier to edit the form sheet Easy to recognize with green diagonal stripes Folding/unfolding of complete levels (e.g. functions/characteristics) is possible To activate go to the menu bar “View | Folding operations” Recommended when working with […]

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