APIS IQ-Software


    • FMEA (all Standards) & DRBFM Editors:

      Structure Tree, Function Nets, Function Nets with Operating Conditions, FMEA Form Sheet, Statistics, Action Tracking, Fault Tree Analysis, IQ-Explorer, Team Communication, Terminology and Translation, Cause and Effect Diagram, Object Inspector, Computer-based Training, User-defined Views, EXCEL import of FMEA form sheets, Versioning of form sheets, Session Protocol, Mechatronics FMEA, Extendable Symbol Palettes, Presentation Print, Web Publisher


    • additions:
      Multi-lingual Support (contents; ANSI languages)


    • additions:
      Requirements Management, Functional Safety (IEC 61508, ISO 26262), Simultaneous Engineering, Unicode (Asian fonts)


    • FMEA & DRBFM (see APIS IQ-FMEA), Process Flow Diagram, Control Plan, Multi-lingual Support (contents; ANSI languages)


    • Functional Safety Approved

      Requirements Management, Functional Safety (IEC 61508, ISO 26262, IEC 62304), Simultaneous Engineering, Unicode (Asian fonts)

      APIS IQ-RM PRO was successfully approved by SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH regarding the requirements of Functional Safety and the following Official Standards are available to you.

      ISO 26262:2011
      IEC 61508:2010
      IEC 62304:2006

      Link to certificate

Supplementary Products


    • Customized Tools (CT) are configured in a way, that only certain, clear defined tasks can be carried out. The goals are a reduced training period and the compliance to given rules.

      IQ-CT Action

      Working on actions in table form (one or more FME files); working on one’s own actions after logging on into subareas, such as status, date and person in charge.

      IQ-CT Analysis

      Analysis for the management (read only): List with open issues, timetable, action completion, maturity, personal tasks, assignment of tasks/project

      IQ-CT Form

      Working on FMEA forms: Working only on actions, other areas are read-only

  • APIS CARM-Server

    • APIS CARM-Server is an active server, which supports the user by providing central catalogs and a library of modules. Besides that there are the automatic export into HTML or PDF and working on actions via web interface.

      APIS CARM-Server

      The APIS CARM-Server is an active server that co-ordinates communication with the APIS IQ-RM Tools. With its range of functions and web interface, the CARM-Server is a perfect addition of the APIS IQ-Software if you require multi-user sharing of catalogs and modules across multiple locations, or if you want to automate tasks

      The CARM-Server is a storage location for catalogs. Using these catalogs within the APIS IQ-Software and its input collector guarantees consistent naming. Additional expenses for translation can be avoided.

      The CARM-Server is also a storage location for reusable modules. When integrating modules into projects, it is possible to manually or automatically update those parts later.

      The CARM-Server is able to automatically read the APIS IQ standard *.FME files and process actions. Typical actions include the export to HTML or PDF, updating of uploaded modules, or notification of responsible persons by e-mail.


      • Modular expandable server
      • Administration functionality
      • Certification of clients upon first access

      Please contact us to give you the best advice on which combinations of the IQ-Software and CARM-Server Services (CSS) and CARM-Server Agents (CSA) will meet your needs at its best.

      See this post for more information The Carm Server