FMEA Consulting


Experienced FMEA facilitators support you to develop a strategy on how to implement FMEAs in your company and enable you to run your FMEA projects independently.


We customize the content of the consulting to your needs, focusing on topics such as:

  • Creating a strategy on how to integrate FMEA in your company workflow
  • Solving special problems
  • Creating an FMEA for a special project
  • Providing in-depth explanations of FMEA methodology or previously unused components of the software (control plan or variants)
  • Helping you to know the most efficient uses of the APIS IQ-Software
  • Supporting future facilitators
  • Enabling you to continue work on FMEAs on your own
  • Answering questions and reviewing the continued FMEA after a specific period


Even a few days of consulting may help significantly to implement an FMEA in your company. The exact duration depends, of course, on the complexity and the scope of your projects.


Please ask our sales department for an individual price quotation and for suitable dates

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