The analysis quality and timeliness of your FMEA are significantly influenced by effective facilitators. One way of bridging internal gaps of capacity is often through the use of external support. Our experienced FMEA facilitators will support your FMEA projects by helping you during preparation, execution, and presentation of your FMEA.


We can help you align your FMEA and DRBFM facilitation projects with your individual needs.

The following curriculum is an example of what may be realized in your company:

  • support with planning the timeframe of your FMEA/DRBFM projects and forming your teams
  • joint definition of your FMEA objectives and the analyses scope
  • facilitation of your FMEA projects according to VDA standards by guiding and conducting your team
  • tracking and management of necessary design-control actions
  • documenting and distributing the results of your analysis with summary statistics and graphics
  • analysis result presentations to customers, auditors, or your internal staff


Even a few days of facilitation may help to implement FMEA in your company. The exact duration depends, of course, on the complexity and the scope of your projects.


Our sales department will be glad to make an individual offer for your FMEA or DRBFM facilitation projects according to your needs.