Successful collaboration of theory and practice

Since the campaign “Free license for research and education” started two years ago, APIS Informationstechnologien GmbH could add more than 50 universities of applied sciences, colleges or universities as partners to the previous 75 collaborations.

Applications from Brazil and Taiwan

The geographic distribution of the participating colleges reflects the extension of APIS IQ-Software all over the world. We received applications from Canada, Taiwan, and Brazil and many other countries. As expected, most applications come from Europe, Germany in particular, where the APIS Informationstechnologien GmbH is the market leader in the field of FMEA products.

From mechanical engineering via chemical engineering through to experimental physics

The APIS IQ software is applied in many diverse areas. In the fields of mechanical engineering and quality management, the software is presented as a practical solution during vocational education. It is also applied for special projects when developing products in the fields of robotics, electric vehicles, and battery technology.

Collaborations with university departments of economy, computer sciences, road safety, logistics, chemical engineering, experimental physics, and mechanical engineering underline the versatile fields in which the APIS IQ-Software can be applied.

Dialog of science and practice: Benefits for everyone

The most important advantages of this collaboration at a glance are:

  • Companies benefit from highly qualified graduates
  • Students gain hands-on insight in future responsibilities
  • APIS Informationstechnologien GmbH gets highly innovative feedbacks from research and education

APIS Informationstechnlogien GmbH has dedicated itself to supporting practically oriented education in the university sector. This dialog of science and practice is to be continued and furthermore developed. The campaign’s success is reflected in the increasing demand from the field of research and development.

Interested universities and colleges can furthermore register .