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Functional Safety with APIS IQ-Software


  • Enter target values (ASIL, SPFM, LFM)
  • Enter actual values (FIT) with FMEDA
  • Modelling of system behaviour with function and failure nets
  • Representation of safety mechanisms (DCSPF, DCLF) in failure nets
  • Calculation of SPFM, LFM, and PMHF plus comparison of target/actual (traffic light)

To better illustrate the range of Functional Safety functions of APIS IQ, we modelled the ISO 26262 example for you (see figure). You can download the example together with a documentation in a zip file. Have fun trying and testing APIS IQ-FMEA PRO or APIS IQ-RM PRO. If you want to know more or have any further questions, please contact APIS IQ-RM PRO Functional Saftey Approved, click here for more details.

We offer an additional one-day training on Functional Safety, where you can learn the functions concerning Functional Safety of the APIS IQ-Software step by step on the basis of a practical example.

Please see the Schedule for the next dates. If needed, we can do the training at your offices’ location.