Many APIS users would like to have a simple and fast way to view their risk analyses. With a good overview of the features, the APIS IQ-Reader creates this possibility and, at the same time, does not block any licenses.

Presentations made easy

With the APIS IQ-Reader, it is possible to read and present all forms and structures of the .fme files. This also applies to variants.

The layout and the display options are very similar to that of the APIS IQ-Software. As such, experienced IQ users will have no problem using this new software and inexperienced users will quickly find their feet.


Purpose of the APIS IQ-Reader:

When it comes to risk analysis, communication between employees/teams and departments is very important. From time to time, management staff also need an overview of the current state of the FMEA. Now, instead of having to first export or print the FMEA, you can simply use the APIS IQ-Reader to present it. You can also use the display options to personalize your presentations. Furthermore, non-IQ users can also use this tool to gain an insight into the .fme file

Requirements for the APIS IQ-Reader:

All you need is access to the .fme file that you want to view. You do not need an installed version of APIS IQ-Software.

Information for IQ-Version 7.0 users and the IQ-Reader:

In the 3rd quarter 2019 a version of the APIS IQ-Reader was released, which can open and read IQ-Software Version 7.0 files.

How can I get the APIS IQ-Reader:

You can download the zip file at