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APIS is now introducing free online events centered around using the APIS IQ-Software for various purposes. For over 25 years, APIS Informationstechnologien GmbH has been producing market-leading FMEA Software. Over this time, we have introduced many useful and powerful features that enable the IQ-user to create reliable FMEAs. We believe that once you are aware of these features, you will never need to use another software for risk analysis.

There are several events currently to choose from:

  • FMEA methodology and concepts of APIS IQ-Software with data transfer from MS-Excel
    This event is aimed at those who are looking for an FMEA tool to use and want to understand the methodology behind how to create an FMEA. It includes how to transfer your current data from Excel
  • Efficient creation of FMEA through proven concepts in APIS IQ-Software
    This event is aimed at those who have experience creating FMEAs but want to be more efficient.
  • Possibilities for data exchange and automation in FMEA
    There are multiple ways to exchange data using the IQ-Software
  • Functionalities APIS CARM-Server with Module Library
    The CARM Server enables multiple users to work on FMEAs more easily

Each event allows for a maximum of 20 participants and more topics may be introduced in the near future. Furthermore, participants will get the chance to ask questions in an open Q&A at the end. For more information on this, go to Online Insights. Or go to the following page directly to Sign up for events currently available!