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APIS IQ-Software Version 7.0 – 0040 is now available to download. There are many new features and bug fixes that come with this service pack, but here are the highlights:

New system filter available for Action Priority (AP) (V7-2511)

Newly available is the parameterizable system filter “Action Priority (AP)”, which filters actions according to their AP and in the context of their revision state. The parameters can be defined via the properties dialog and is available in the Structure Editor, FFA, FMEA form and the IQ Explorer. 

Symultaneously display both reference language and notes in table editors (V7-996)

In the table editors, it is now it is possible to activate the options “Show reference language” and “Show notes (where available)” simultaneously.highlights_0040 display both objects

AIAG/VDA Form Editor now allows for Excel and HTML export (V7-2292)

Similar to other FMEA Editors, the AIAG/VDA Forms can now be exported to Excel or HTML.

Improved formatting in the Management Report (V7-1523)

Via a second toolbar, cells with text formats can now be “overwritten”. This also applies to cells with fixed content. Where possible, this overwriting also applies to translations. 


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For a comprehensive list of new features and bug fixes for Version 7.0 – 0040, click here.