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Despite all hopes, it was not possible to hold the APIS User Conference in person this year. Instead, we held a digital event online whereby all speakers gathered in a film studio to present their presentations in a live stream.

But first, let’s take it one step at a time:

Evening of 20.9.2021

On the eve of the conference, all speakers met with the organization team from APIS® in the hotel for a Get Together in a small setting. In the usual sociable, but no less objective and professional round, the first topics of the following day were discussed.

Day of the Conference: 21.9.2021

all speakers from one shotFor almost all participating speakers, this was the first time in a film studio. Therefore, before the first presentation, everyone gathered to familiarize themselves with the conditions on-site and to be briefed by the local director and APIS staff.
Mr. Dietz (APIS® ) opened the event, gave a short explanation about the live stream and also announced the date and location of the next User Conference. The XXVIII. International APIS User Conference will take place from 20.09. to 21.09.2022 at the Dorint Hotel Sanssouci in Potsdam.

Immediately afterward, Mr. Eilers (APIS®) presented his well-known “Rückblick & Ausblick” (past & future).
It would be too much to mention all presentations in detail here. However, we would like to pick up a few highlights of the presentations and mention some key points.

Mr. Simon from GADV reported on an already-established interface from APIS® to an IBM platform or SAP. Subsequently, Mr. Kukuk (Schaeffler) and Mr. Stüber (Schaeffler) gave their thoughts on the topic of “MPR” as a logical supplement to MSR-FMEA. Mr. Stüber also offered another lecture on the topic of “Who needs characteristics”.all speakers from one shot second angle

APIS® Training then gave their presentation “Change the perspective for once” (Mr. Grube, Mr. Wroblewski) and Mr. Rainer (APIS®) gave an outlook on a future tool of the APIS® IQ-world with the presentation “Repository Server”. From the USA, Chad Jonson’s  (APIS North America®) video was an interesting presentation on “Customer Best Practices Using the IQ-Software”. The program was concluded by Mr. Weiß (APIS® Support) with his “Tips and Tricks” and Dr. Schloske (Fraunenhofer IPA) with his lecture “Realizing true greatness“, which is an integral part of our  User Conference.

In conclusion, this year’s Digital International APIS User Conference was held in a much smaller atmosphere, but the quality of the presentations and the enjoyment of the event were unaffected.
shot of live stream on tv

We would like to thank all participants, speakers and last but not least colleagues for the successful Digital International APIS User Conference 2021.


Your APIS® Team

P.S. Click here to see the agenda of the Digital International APIS User Conference 2021