APIS IQ-Software Version 7.0 – 0110 is now available. There are many new features and bug fixes that come with this service pack, but here are the highlights:

IQ-Explorer search now includes Management Reports (V7-5952)

When performing a search for data in a file using the IQ-Explorer, data contained within Management-Reports are now also considered. From the drop-down, the options “All (with administration data)” or “Search only in administration data” must be selected. This search will consider all textual content from the header and table.

Management-Report: Bar charts (V7- 5940)

Bar charts can now be created directly within the Management-Report. Simply select the appropriate cells for the chart, right-click and select “Insert bar chart for the selected key figures”.

Variants: Inserting new elements (V7-5810)

When inputting a new element while working in a variant, the IQ-Software gives you the choice to select which variants should include this new object. Using either the “direct input” method (Keyboard = “Insert”) or the Input collector (e.g. “Shift + Insert”), the button “all”/”Drop-down –> “Select all”, can be clicked once or twice.  Clicking “once” will select all variants that include the parent element e.g. adding a function to a system element (system element here is the parent element). Clicking on “all” a second time will also include variants that do not have that parent element (this is indicated with the special_situation icon).

V7-5810_en_1 V7-5810_en_2


Beim Einfügen eines neues Elementes während der Arbeit in einer Variante erlaubt die IQ-Software auszuwählen in welchen Varianten das neue Object enthalten sein soll. Beim “Direkten Hinzufügen” (Tastatur = “Einfügen”) oder in der “Sammeleingabe” (z.B. “Shift + Einfügen”) kann bei der Variantenauswahl der Button “Alle”/ Drop-Down –> “Alle auswählen” einmal oder zweimal gedrückt werden. Beim ersten Drücken werden alle Varianten ausgewählt in denen das Elternelement enthalten ist. Beim zweiten Drücken werden zusätzlich die Varianten ausgewählt, in denen das Elternelement nicht enthalten ist (angezeigt durch ..).


Printing: IQ-version and SP number can now be included (V7-5705)

It is now possible to show the APIS IQ-version along with the Service Pack number of the IQ-Software being used when printing.

Excel import: merge identical causes (V7-1749)

A new option is now available when importing an FMEA from Excel: “Merge identical causes”.

  • Causes can be merged if
    – they are anchored to the same function
    – they have the same number
    – they have the same name
    – all dependent objects (actions etc.) are the same


Maintenance Customers only

Command Finder: favourites and last used commands (V7-4982)

The dialog “Select Command…” (Ctrl + J) now also lists the last commands used (list size can be changed via context menu). Furthermore, it is now possible to define favourites (also via context menu). The favorites are saved when the software is closed and can be used across editors.


Background colour is now easier to set (V7-5835)

Setting a background colour for an element is now much simpler with a new toolbar icon and also hot-click menu icon.