Importing an FMEA from Excel

If you have created an FMEA using Excel but want to switch to using the APIS IQ-Software, then we have produced a video specifically for this transition. Spreadsheet softwares have been used by many people to create FMEAs over the years, but they are very limited in how data can be entered, viewed, edited and exported.

According to the AIAG/VDA Alignment of 2019, there are now seven steps to consider in order to create an FMEA for robust products and processes. The IQ-Software offers tools and editors to help you perform each step in the most structured and time-saving manner. Keeping a balanced overview when working with complex products and cause and effect networks can be quite a challenge in Excel.

APIS IQ-Software is specifically designed to create FMEAs. When analyzing functional relationships and root causes with multiple effects, the IQ-Software lets you view and connect data in a practical tree view, which can later be displayed in a form sheet table. From determining the FMEA Scope to creating reports for customers with essential information, you are able to perform a multitude of tasks all related to their risk analysis.

The following video will explain how to import your Excel -FMEA, map the data within cells, edit and update your imported data and more. It also shows how to do this if you have a Control Plan to be imported.

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