We are pleased to introduce our new “Feature of the Month” format! Every month, we will highlight a new function or concept that is particularly useful and valuable for working with IQ-Software in everyday work. We will present the benefits and possible applications of the respective feature of the month in short articles, so that you can learn more about it and apply this knowledge in your daily work. Stay tuned for our features and get inspired!

Welcome to our December Feature of the Month: Counter of Effect and Causes – Mastering Failure Causes!

Our Effect and Cause Counter feature is designed to help you identify multiple connections quickly and easily. Even outside of the network editors, it provides transparency, which is especially helpful when dealing with failure causes.

Feature of the Month December 2023 – Counter of Effect and Causes – Mastering Failure Causes!

Counter of Effect and Causes - Mastering Failure Causes!

Here are the benefits that this feature offers:

  • Overview of multiply linked failure causes: Get at-a-glance visibility into multiple linked failure causes and keep track of potential connections.
  • Use the net editors to get a better insight about the linkage situation
  • No unintended effects: Avoid unintended effects and ensure that information such as actions is accurately assigned to your root causes in context.
  • Work more efficiently in the form sheet: The Effect and Cause Counter helps you work more efficiently in your form sheets and gain faster insight into failure causes and their consequences.
  • Failure causes can be split and edited separately: Split failure causes and edit them separately to take targeted action and optimize troubleshooting.

Leverage the power of the Effect and Cause Counter to maintain control over your root causes. Streamline your workflow and ensure accurate failure analysis.

For more information or a demonstration, please contact us. We look forward to your feedback.

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