We are pleased to introduce our new “Feature of the Month” format! Every month, we will highlight a new function or concept that is particularly useful and valuable for working with IQ-Software in everyday work. We will present the benefits and possible applications of the respective feature of the month in short articles, so that you can learn more about it and apply this knowledge in your daily work. Stay tuned for our features and get inspired!

Our “Feature of the Month” for July: Reorganize – Optimize your files!

Reorganizing of your files is the focus of our Feature of the Month for July. Discover the benefits of reorganizing and working with optimized files. Here are two compelling reasons why reorganizing is worthwhile:

  1. Reduce file size: Reorganizing can effectively reduce the size of your files. Remove unnecessary clutter, duplicate content, and outdated information to optimize your storage space.
  2. Confidentiality: Remove sensitive information: Reorganization gives you the opportunity to improve your privacy. Protect yourself from accidental disclosure of sensitive information by removing it from your files.

Feature of the Month July 2023 – Reorganize – Optimize your files!

Reorganize - Optimize your files!

During the reorganization process, you can automate the following actions to save storage space and increase efficiency:

  • Remove embedded images: Free up valuable disk space by removing embedded images. Retain only the necessary visual elements or alternatively, choose to link to the image/document as an alternative.
  • Remove unnecessary catalog entries (null occurrences): Clean up your data by removing null occurrences. Simplify your files and improve data integrity by eliminating empty or irrelevant entries (can also be done manually).
  • Delete or merge duplicate catalog entries: Efficiently manage your catalog entries by deleting or merging duplicates with the same name. Streamline your catalog structure and improve discoverability (can also be done manually).

Take advantage of reorganization and optimize your files for a more efficient workflow. Take advantage of this feature and increase your productivity.

For more information or a demonstration, please contact us. We welcome your feedback.

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