We are pleased to introduce our new “Feature of the Month” format! Every month, we will highlight a new function or concept that is particularly useful and valuable for working with IQ-Software in everyday work. We will present the benefits and possible applications of the respective feature of the month in short articles, so that you can learn more about it and apply this knowledge in your daily work. Stay tuned for our features and get inspired!

Our “Feature of the Month” for October: Multilingualism – One World, Many Languages!.

Welcome to our October Feature of the Month: Our multilingual feature is designed to bring you the benefits of international communication.

Feature of the Month October 2023 – Multilingualism – One World, Many Languages!

Multilingualism - One World, Many Languages!

Here are the features that this functionality offers:

  • Change GUI language: Customize the language of the user interface to suit your current needs, ensuring a seamless user experience in your preferred language, including the ability to have bilingual access to control options.
  • Manual translation based on reference language: Manually translate the reference language to customize your content. Customize your content for each language and ensure accurate, high-quality communication with your international customers and colleagues.
  • Automatic translation from the reference language: Use the automatic translation feature to automatically translate the reference language. Get cost-effective and efficient translations for faster delivery of multilingual content.
  • Instant switching between content languages: Switch between content languages with a single click. Tailor your communications to different audiences and provide a personalized experience for users of different languages, including simultaneous bilingual display.

Discover the power of multilingualism and embrace a multilingual world. Use this feature to enhance your international communications and achieve your global goals.

For more information or a demonstration, please contact us. We look forward to your feedback.

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