We are pleased to introduce our new “Feature of the Month” format! Every month, we will highlight a new function or concept that is particularly useful and valuable for working with IQ-Software in everyday work. We will present the benefits and possible applications of the respective feature of the month in short articles, so that you can learn more about it and apply this knowledge in your daily work. Stay tuned for our features and get inspired!

Our “Feature of the Month” for September: IQ-Explorer – The needle in the haystack!.

Welcome to our Feature of the Month for September: Our IQ-Explorer. Immerse yourself in the world of targeted search and easily find and edit the information you need.

Feature of the Month September 2023 – IQ-Explorer – The needle in the haystack!

IQ-Explorer - The needle in the haystack!

Here are the outstanding features of the IQ-Explorer:

  • Powerful search engine within IQ software: IQ-Explorer is a powerful search engine that allows you to find and edit information with precision. Find the data you’re looking for without having to navigate through extensive structures.
  • Search across multiple files: IQ-Explorer allows you to search across multiple files. Whether the files contain single projects or multiple projects, you can search efficiently and get comprehensive results.
  • Customizable search criteria: Customize the search criteria in IQ-Explorer to suit your needs. Define filters to narrow your search and find the specific information you need. The IQ-Explorer gives you the flexibility to tailor your search to your specific needs.
  • Pre-defined search filters and quality rules: Use the IQ-Explorer’s predefined search filters and quality rules to optimize your search. These intelligent presets provide you with relevant results quickly and easily, without the need to create them from scratch.
  • Quickly implement significant information changes: With IQ-Explorer, you can efficiently and quickly implement significant information changes. The powerful search function allows you to search for specific information and edit it effortlessly, saving valuable time.
  • Save time: IQ-Explorer helps you save valuable time. With precise searching and efficient editing of information, you can complete tasks faster and increase your productivity.

Discover the impressive features of IQ-Explorer and effortlessly find the needle in the haystack. Don’t miss the opportunity to work more efficiently and save time.

For more information or a demonstration, please contact us. We look forward to your feedback.

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