Service pack Version 7.0 – 0130 is available now. For installation information, new features and fixed bugs see the list below.


  • Notes of a catalog entry can now be displayed at the instance by a hot-click symbol. The hot-click symbol can be activated or deactivated via the display options. [V7-628]
  • You can now fade actions in and out with the command “Fade in actions at linked causes…“. [V7-751]
  • When copying structures, subtrees and structure elements, the following QM documents are now no longer copied: FMEA Form, Control Plan, Process Flow Diagram, DRBFM Worksheet. [V7-798]
  • Import – Update characteristics:In the import dialog either the name of a system element or the ID number of a characteristic must be mapped or both.The following logic is used to find the charateristics to be updated:
    If ID number is mapped- and name of a system element is mapped, both are used- and name of a system element is not mapped, only ID number is used

    or if only name of a system element is mapped, only name of system element is used. [V7-4212]

  • Project Management: The versions of a structure are now displayed as a flat list. The tree view is no longer supported. [V7-5748]
  • You can now choose via a new document setting “Classification | Calculation based on maximum of O/D valuation (can originate from different actions groups)” how the automatic classification calculation for FMEA Forms should behave.If the document setting is active (current and default behavior) the maximum valation of O and D is determined independently and then the classification rules are applied to these values.
    If the document setting is inactive the used combination of O/D-valuation must originate from the same actions group. [V7-6140]
  • The Windows certificate store is now being used for TLS encrypted connections. The “system store” is being used as default. You may configure the certificate store via a registry key. By creating the key “trustStoreType” in “HKCU\SOFTWARE\Apis\IQ70\Java Settings” with one of the following values you may choose which store should be used:
    – “WINDOWS-ROOT” – the system store, the new default value
    – “JKS” – Java Key Store – this is the certificate store which has been used up to SP0130 (“cacerts” file in .\jre\lib\security).
    Self signed certificates must be added in the folder “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” of the Windows certificate store. For additional information regarding Windows certificate management please consult the Windows documentation. [V7-6439]
  • Attributes and categories – Naming pattern for system elements: The %SE% placeholder is now also available for the Item Code column. [V7-6465]
  • Drag&Drop: System elements can now be copied via Special-Drag  “Copy with net connections” together with functions, requirements etc. and their net connections. Attributes relevant to Functional Safety are also copied. [V7-6497]
  • Import characteristics: You can now import notes of a second category. [V7-6575]
  • The commands “Create new structure from variant” and “Create export copy of selected structure variant” now transfer the following attributes of the variant to the created structure: Name, Background Color and Notes. [V7-6577]
  • After creating a new QM document (Formsheet, Control-Plan, etc.) in the administration dialog the properties dialog for this object is opened. [V7-6622]
  • IQ-URL-References: New bookmarks with IQ URL reference now also consider active filters. [V7-6640]
  • The Properties Dialog in tab “User-defined Attributes” now shows the notes icon (and tooltips) for User-defined Attributes with notes. [V7-6660]


  • Statistics: You can now analyze the action priority (AP) in the “Difference analysis”. [V7-2857]
  • Control plan: There is a new display option to show corrective actions in each layout. [V7-5143]
  • Statistics: You can now analyze the action priority (AP) In the “Risk matrix” analysis. For this purpose there is a new radio button “AP” in the section “Evaluation parameters X/Y“. [V7-5414]
  • Cover Sheet Editor: The “Add Page” command now inserts a new page before the current page. In addition, there is a new command “Reorder Pages”, which can be used to change the order of already existing pages via a management dialog. [V7-5979]
  • Statistics and FMEA form: The column names for Incidence and Discovery will be renamed according to the analyzed structure type [V7-6118, V7-6609]
  • Management-Report: The dialog used to select statistical diagrams has been improved. Buttons for changing and deleting analysis schemes have been added. [V7-6417]
  • AIAG/VDA Forms: When a variant is active, the name of the structure variant is displayed in the field “PLANNING and PREPARATION (STEP 1)“. [V7-6532]
  • Process Flow Diagram: In the diagram area you can now “Connect” via keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+T” and “Disconnect” via “Ctrl+Alt+T“. [V7-6630]
  • Block diagram: The display of “Text in areas” has been improved: You can now show “Colored Text” as well as the Object type icon. “Word-wrapping” can also be enabled in the display options. [V7-6807]

FMEA Forms Editor:

  • If the display option “Show reference language” is active and there are symbolic deadlines/responsibles with translations, the translation will be shown in parenthesis after the symbolic deadline/responsible. [V7-5977, V7-4656]
  • There is now a display option for “Action results” to “Show only if present“. [V7-6430]
  • If the display option “Only the effects with the highest severity” is active the FMEA form now also shows effects without severity unless there are other effects with severity. [V7-6445]
  • The name of the current variant is now displayed in the AIAG/VDA header. [V7-6534]
  • It is now possible to show a logo in the table header (“AIAG/VDA 2019 with Logo“). [V7-6589]

Only with Maintenance License:

  • The editor for “Cause based FMEA forms” has been reworked. There is now a management dialog for Cause based FMEA forms. Each Cause based FMEA form can contain any number of system elements. Additionally there are now header data and a cover sheet available like for FMEA forms. [V7-182]
  • You can now link an area in the Block diagram to a Block diagram (in addition and indepently of the linked object) via “Edit | Link block diagram…” or context menu of an area. Areas that have a linked Block diagram display a Hot-Click icon that opens the linked Block diagram on double click. [V7-3490]
  • The status pane now contains a new icon with context menu (right click) to quickly toggle often used Hot-click symbols like notes, user-defined attributes or bookmarks. [V7-4659]
  • Function/Failure Analysis and FMEA Form: When viewing the differences between structure and structure version (in two workspaces) or form and form version respectively, then synchronization is now done to the version (or vice versa). [V7-6232, V7-6326]
  • If the Workstation Setting Scroll mode “hanging” is active, then in table editors not only the contents of individual cells but also cells that belong together (such as reference language + name + notes) are displayed during scrolling as long as there is sufficient space. [V7-6294]
  • Cause based FMEA forms: The cause based formsheets are supported by the XML interfaces Draft and MSR. The import in older servicepacks will create regualr formsheets as there are no cause based formsheets available. [V7-6330]
  • The Cause based FMEA forms are now also available in the Presentation Print and Web Publisher. [V7-6492]

The following bugs have been fixed with this service pack:
V7-6603, V7-6670, V7-6671, V7-6697, V7-6859