Service pack Version 7.0 – 0140 is available now. For installation information, new features and fixed bugs see the list below.


  • In a consolidation primary document you can now open the “Clones and Interfaces” editor by double clicking the “star icon” on the far left in the status bar. [V7-2947]
  • You can now choose in “Workstation Settings | Copy | Copy deadline description” whether to copy the deadline description or not when copying actions or action groups. [V7-5575]
  • Entries from the list of recently entered deadlines for actions may now be deleted with Shift + Delete from the drop-down list in the properties dialog. [V7-5812]
  • Object Properties Dialog: You can now enter “Corrective actions” for product/process characteristics in tab “Attributes”. [V7-6695]
  • You can now use Microsoft Translator or Reverso as an alternative to DeepL for automatic machine translation. Please configure this in the new subsection “Workstation settings | Network settings | Machine Translation“. This functionality requires a Microsoft Azure respective Reverso subscription. [V7-6704, V7-6965]
  • In the dialog for “Parameters for color coding” you can now choose to base the color coding of valuation numbers D and O on the risk matrix. [V7-6759]
  • You can now define a realtive path for file copies (e.g.: “.\archive\“) in the workstation settings. In this way it is possible to define a subdirectory for file copies for multiple FME-files stored in a single directory. [V7-6835]
  • The proxy settings for the CARM NG Server in “Workstation settings | Network settings” were removed. Now the existing proxy settings for program update are used for everything (including CARM NG Server). [V7-6979]
  • Text search: the number of hits is now displayed in the window caption when the “Select all matching entries” option is active. In addition, all newly entered search patterns are saved in the background and can then optionally be shown and hidden (Other | Show search terms of other editors). [V7-6985]
  • The properties dialog now shows a notes icon for machines and inspection equipments with notes. The tooltip of this icon shows the note. [V7-7016]
  • The dialog for selecting new elements of QM documents (form sheet, control plan, etc.) now contains a context menu entry “Select all direct children” which checks all directly subordinate elements. [V7-7035]
  • Filter/Highlight: You can now use the creation date of the structure as a symbolic filter value. This allows to compare e.g. modify and creation timestamps with it. In addition, filter values can be specified “relative to now” (in minutes) as a comparison value e.g. to filter for changes made within the last 10 minutes. [V7-7068, V7-7077]
  • The Excel import now removes non significant zeros when importing decimal numbers, e.g. “0.10000” becomes “0.1“. [V7-7097]
  • In the hot-click context menu for notes and object type icons there is now the new command “Note (Type)…“. [V7-7099]


  • Statistics Editor: In the statistical analysis “Frequency analysis AP” there is a new data basis “Progress of revision states“. This visualizes the three revision states “Initial state“, “Last completed“, and “Last rated” together in one diagram. [V7-912]
  • Variant Matrix Editor: right-click menu now also offers auto-filters. [V7-2267]
  • AIAG/VDA Forms Editor: The synchronization dialog is now avoided if possible. Use “Tools | Workstation settings | Settings | Table editors | Use synchronization dialog when a form is opened” to reenable it if needed. [V7-6243]
  • You can now generate a unique ID number for an object in the properties dialog or the Object Inspector. [V7-6551]
  • Teams and persons: You can now import/export teams and persons via  “File | Export/Import” in XML format. During import new objects are added, existing team assignments are retained and the attributes can be overwritten if required. [V7-6597]
  • It is now possible to show bigger classification symbols in the FMEA form and Control Plan editor (“Display options | Content of classification (C) column | Size of classification (C) symbols“). [V7-6612]
  • There is now the keyboard shortcut Alt+F8 for the table editor command “View | Format | Adjust table“. This command adjusts the column widths so that they fit the available horizontal space. [V7-6758]
  • Structure Editor: The display option “IQ object ID” is now also available for the structure tree (graphics window). [V7-6817]
  • AIAG/VDA Form (MSR): The column names for Incidence and Discovery will be renamed according to the analyzed structure type. [V7-6911]
  • FMEDA Forms Editor: In the “Context information for error detections/error responses” you can now show system elements. Furthermore the causes also show causes of operating conditions. [V7-6987]
  • Risk matrix calculations can now also be displayed in the structure list and the failure net. [V7-7037, V7-270]
  • FMEDA/FUSI: You can now copy the dependent functions and failures via special drag to a target system element in addition to the functional safety parameters. This special drag action is also possible for a selection of multiple target system elements. [V7-7055]
  • FMEA Forms Editor: It is now possible to have the separator line between failure causes drawn thicker (“Display options | Table | Highlight the dividing line between failure causes“). [V7-7098]
  • Block Diagram Editor: There is a new display option to “Hide areas that are linked to objects excluded from active variants“. If the variant edit mode is not active then such areas are completely hidden in the diagram. [V7-7152]


  • Functions and characteristics can now be converted to requirements via special drag (with right mouse button) onto functions. Dependent objects and net connections are preserved. [V7-278]
  • If the document setting “Use reaction plan/control methods as dedicated objects” is active, then detection and preventive actions can now be anchored via special drag “Text copy” as reaction plan or control method for inspections. [V7-1130]

Quality Rules:

  • There is a new quality rule that searches for IQ objects with the same ID-number [V7-1990]
  • There is a new quality rule that searches for IQ objects whose reference language name is “???“. These objects are potentially generated during automatic creation of other objects and cannot be translated meaningfully unless they have a name in the reference language. [V7-2500]

Only with Maintenance License:

  • Functional Safety: Apart from the FMEDA Form there is now the new editor “E/E components table” for central assignment, administration and overview. [V7-5224]
  • The display option “Table | Show notes in header” can now be used to display a notes field in the header data of various forms. [V7-6181, V7-6794]
  • The “Help | Select command…” functionality now shows keyboard shortcuts of commands as well as not available context menu commands in order to improve the search result. [V7-7132]

The following bugs have been fixed with this service pack:
V7-2737, V7-7046, V7-7073, V7-7148, V7-7219