Stay up-to-date with your IQ Software

update program version screen

If you use the APIS IQ-Software in its variety of forms, from the basic version IQ FMEA right down to IQ-RM PRO, you will know how powerful it can be but also how extensive and vast its tools and editors reach. In fact, many users don’t know about so many of its intricate functionalities that […]

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How to use Partial XML Export


Partial XML Export/Import When performing an FMEA, the situation can arise that you need to send a part of the FMEA to a customer or supplier in order for it to be assessed or evaluated more closely. The customer will then make their changes and send it back to you. In this case, it is […]

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Tips & Tricks from User Meeting, 2017

Folding operations in FMEA Form Editor

APIS IQ Software Tips and Tricks, 2017 Tip 1 FMEA Form – Folding operations Reason for using: Better overview and easier to edit the form sheet Easy to recognize with green diagonal stripes Folding/unfolding of complete levels (e.g. functions/characteristics) is possible To activate go to the menu bar “View | Folding operations” Recommended when working with […]

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Tips & Tricks from the User Meeting 2014


Every year APIS Informationtechnologies GmbH holds a User Meeting at a conference hotel somewhere in Germany. It is an event that enables us to spend a couple of days meeting with some of our software users (usually upwards of 230 users attend) and discussing FMEA, DRBFM and Functional Safety topics along with multiple presentations being held […]

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How to use ‘Creation or modification date (stamp)’ (V6.5 SP 0140)

RP-4777 Creation or modification stamp

While working in an ever expanding fme file, it helps to be able to have an immediate overview checker for IQ elements that have been created or changed. This new system-defined filter allows you to select one or more IQ objects and assess exactly this. Below is an example of how to implement this new functionality […]

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How to use arithmetical function placeholders


Arithmetical functions (V6.5 – SP 0140) Arithmetical functions are a handy new tool to view and compare information on your fme file and IQ objects. These are used in conjunction with Individual Quality Reports & Summary Functions in the “Note” of the IQ object. Below is an example of how to use this functionality, currently available […]

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How2: Faded-In Actions

How to! image

As I perused my blog entries the other day, I noticed that I’d been writing primarily about FMEA fundamentals.  This isn’t a bad thing per-se, but it does exclude a whole realm of other topics that are of interest to our APIS readership. So I’m decidedly switching gears to a more of a “how to” […]

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How to setup user login through LDAP Server

How to setup user login through LDAP Server Using the internal company server to load users onto an FME file can speed up the process and at the same time, control who is able to login to the FME file. The administrator of the FME file is the only one who can set this function. […]

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How to import characteristics & attributes from Excel

It is now possible to import a list of product- and process characteristics with their attributes from an Excel file The IQ Software can now accept lots more data from an Excel file import. This includes both product- and process characteristics and their attributes such as values and notes. This can be imported into a […]

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How to synchronize content of the fme file with CARM NG Server.

The function of aligning/synchronizing the fme file with the CARM NG Server is now easier. Applying this new function allows 3 processes to be performed in 1. Below is a step by step screenshot on how to carry out this function. If you want to comment on this function and other highlights of the Service […]

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