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Service pack V4.65 – 0110


[x] CARM-114: When transferring a module, the user logged into the IQ-Software is recorded in the data of the „last modification“.

[x] CARM-130: A new setting, available in the CARM Server settings, prevents non-administrator users from deleting certificates: „Only the CARM Server administrator is allowed to delete certificates“. When CSS Module Access Rights are active, a user with all access rights can usually manage certificates. This setting prevents that.

This feature is only available if using IQ-Software Version 6.5 – 0190 or newer.

Service pack V4.65 – 0100

CSA WEB-/PDF-Publisher
[x] CARM-99: The CSA PDF Publisher sometimes asked for the export file name during an export, even though it had been assigned by the system. This has been fixed.

Service pack V4.65 – 0090


[x] CARM-91: When exporting in connection with user-defined filters on requests, the following error sometimes occurred “UndefinedObject>>#sortDesc not understood”. This has been fixed.

Service pack V4.65 – 0080


[x] CARM-80: The CARM Log file will now record which user has downloaded a module or module variant. In order for this to work, the user logged in must have entered a valid email address. This functionality is only available when using IQ Software V6.5 – 0150 or newer.
[x] CARM-81: Optimizations have been made to the CARM Server backup so that the modules of module categories are displayed faster.

Service pack V4.65 – 0070

[x] CARM-72: The CARM Web Service can be deactivated using the program “CARMConfig.exe”.
[x] CARM-73: Emails sent from the Info service concerning module updates now contain the status of the new module.
[x] CARM-74: Under certain circumstances the CSA Web Publisher reported “The system cannot find the file specified” during an export. This has been fixed.
[x] CARM-76: An empty module update notification email was sent to module users when the email setting MAPI was used. This has been fixed.

Service pack V4.65 – 0060

[x] CARM-62: When searching on the CARM Server using the IQ Explorer with the filter active for a module category, an error occurred. This has been fixed.
[x] CARM-63: The IQ Software option “Copy specific deadlines for modules” was not used when transferring module variants. Together with IQ Software Version 6.5-0130: this has been fixed.
[x] CARM-64: In Web service, when entering more than one term for a module search, the results list was empty. This has been fixed.
[x] CARM-67: Module variants can now be updated to new generations. This functionality requires IQ Software V6.5-0130 or newer.
[x] CARM-68: The size of newly uploaded modules is now recorded and can be displayed in the IQ Software.

Service pack V4.65 – 0050

[x] CARM-44: Notification E-Mail for new module versions now contains additional information.
[x] CARM-48: The option “Allow branching of module version chain” was added to the CARM Server configuration dialog under tab “CSS Module”.
[x] CARM-52: If a CARM server is already running when starting the CARM Server a notification will appear telling you this.

Service Pack V4.65 – 0041

[x] CARM-50: CSA publisher agents will not finish their exports. This has been fixed.

Service Pack V4.65 – 0040

[x] CARM-40: The web service can be switched off: change option “EnableHttpWebServer” to value “0” (off) or to value “1” (on) in the file “carm.ini” under section “Settings”.
[x] CARM-41: When using the CARM Server as a Windows system service, under certain circumstances it doesn‘t terminate properly when the computer is shut down or restarted. This has been fixed.
[x] CARM-45: The licence index isn‘t considered during licence check anymore. Therefore it‘s no longer shown in CARM server info dialog on the tab “Activated license numbers”.

CSS Module
[x] CARM-42: Deletion of module categories, modules and module variants is documented in CARM log file now.
[x] CARM-43: E-mail notification on new module versions is possible for all module ancestors now.

Service Pack V4.65 – 0030

[x] Success or failure of a service start is recorded in CARM-Server’s log file.
[x] CARM-27: An email is sent to the CARM adminstrator when a “CSS module” certificate is requested. Details of an attached certificate are described in the email now.
[x] CARM-28: Certificates are sent by email in “CSS module access rights”.
An alternativ email text can be set in tab “CSS Module” of the CARM-Server settings dialog.
[x] When starting a time limited CARM-Server with GUI a message is shown, if licence has expired. If email system is configured, the CARM administrator gets an email every day, starting 14 days before expiring.
CSA WEB-/PDF-Publisher
[x] Exporting valuation catalogs will now only consider default valuation catalogs.
CSA Module
[x] CSA Module Assistant can now update modules which are used as root structure.

Service Pack V4.65 – 0020

[x] Under certain circumstances the name of the requestor of the module certification request email wasn’t included. This has been fixed.
[x] Under certain circumstances, the error “UndefinedObject>>#asStringForString: not understood” occurs at module certification request. This has been fixed.
[x] When using the CARM Server as a Windows system service, the error “UndefinedObject>>#asByteArray not understood” occured during module certification request. This has been fixed.
[x] Under certain circumstances not all associated modules were deleted when deleting module categories. This has been fixed.
CSA PDF-Publisher
[x] During export with the option “all languages”, a subdirectory with the respecitve language label will also be created now for fme documents, which only have one content language.

Service Pack V4.65 – 0011

[x] During installation of the service pack version 4.65 – 0010 not all files were updated. It is strongly recommended to install service pack version 4.65 – 0011.

Service Pack V4.65 – 0010

[x] CARM Server under certain circumstances aborted starting with the error message “Startup of Java subsystem failed”. This has been fixed.
[x] If the license doesn’t include the agent “CSA PDF Publisher”, an error occurred during closing the Settings dialog. This has been fixed.
[x] If a CSA Web Publisher batch contained “Structure-related documents | Statistics: Risk Matrix” with a set risk matrix, an error occurred while opening the Settings dialog. This has been fixed.
[x] During the start of the CARM Server it is being checked immediately now, whether the target time for backup is overdue or not. If necessary, backup will be started. So far this check was executed with delay after all starting processes had been completed.