Service pack V6.5- 0160 is available now. For new features and fixed bugs see the list below. This service pack can be downloaded from our internet sites ( (


  • RP-5197: The command line bookmark of an object will be marked with “>” if it matches the entry in the Windows registry.
  • RP-5216: When using a new configuration file, text did not align correctly in the printout of an FMEA Coversheet (lines spilled over). This has been fixed.
  • RP-5254: Placeholder & Summary Functions in Notes: If a variant is specified as a base parameter ((%base) e.g. name of project, structure, variant etc.), then this will be active for the placeholder evaluation. If no variant is specified, an active variant will remain active. If no variant is active and none are specified as base parameters, the evaluation is based on the parent structure or the FMEA form etc… If the base parameter is not clear (e.g. several variants for a single FMEA form/ structure), then it is not defined which variant is used in the evaluation. Recommendation: if variants are used as a base parameter, these should be unique to each note, otherwise confusion may occur.
  • RP-5307: If the Clipboard contains an image (and no additional text), then this image can be pasted into the HTML field using Ctrl-V. The pasted image will be automatically embedded.
  • RP-5286: The Control Plan now supports the new layout “CP-IATF 16949”. This layout supports alignments for IATF 16949.

CARM Server:

  • RP-5279: If a notes category had a note which was its own notes category, this lead to a “stack overflow” when transferring a module. This has been fixed.
  • RP-5322: After changes to a module (e.g. status change) was made, only a single line was displayed below “Last modification by”. This has been fixed.
  • RP-5324: If an action has been uploaded to the CARM-NG Server (CSS Action Tracking), its “upload state” will be indicated with an icon.
  • RP-5335: When updating a module, newly embedded graphics did not integrate into the fme document. This has been fixed.

IQ Explorer:

  • RP-5203: The “IQ object ID” column in the CSV Export can now be represented as “Standard” or as “XML”. This can be set in Workstation settings -> Settings -> Other. This enables a consistency with respect to the display of the objects in the editors. The IQ object ID is always exported in full length to CSV.

Statistics Editor:

  • RP-5289: If the display option “Show notes where available” was active, the following error message sometimes appeared: “FmeaStatAttachment>>#hasNotes” not understood”. This has been fixed.

XML interface:

  • RP-5256: Until now, the timestamp format in XML did not indicate the time zone in which the timestamp was generated. The attribute “SYSCOND” now stores this information at elements with a timestamp (e.g. deadline shifts, revision state time stamp etc.). The format is in UTC time.

For the complete changelog for IQ-Version 6.5, click here