Service pack V6.5- 0180 is available now. For new features and fixed bugs see the list below. 


  • RP-3225: CSS Module: When updating a module now existing catalog entries of previous module versions will be used, if all attributes (name, translations) match. Note: Up to now catalog entries were duplicated.
  • RP-4152: Failure Net Editor: For the calculation of the RPN in the failure net, the first effects level is now used to determine the S (severity) rating. This means that an RPN can now be calculated in the failure net with just two levels. Note: until now, the S rating was determined at the second effects level
  • RP-4800: Data Manager: When filling in a specific deadline/responsible for a symbolic deadline/responsible a dialog now opens if the deadline/responsible was used in any completed actions. This dialog lists all completed actions with the altered symbolic deadline/responsible so that you can choose in which completed actions the deadline/responsible should be replaced by its specific counterpart. In this way unintentional changes to completed actions is prevented.
  •  RP-5479, RP-5471, RP-5472, RP-5473, RP-5476: The following options are new:
    • Merge functions/failure modes with the same name

–  This merges duplicate instances of function- and failure modes within the same parent system. “duplicate” here means having both the same name and number.

    • Keep line breaks

–  This retains the line breaks when importing names that contain line breaks. Note: names are only displayed with line breaks in tables and the properties dialog only.

    • Import text in effects/actions as multiple objects. Define delimiter as:

–  If separated by delimiters and edit field for entering delimiters.

It is now possible to import notes for all objects.

Furthermore, there is a new menu option “File | Import | Update characteristics…” to update the values and attributes of existing characteristics. This option is available in the Personal Desktop to update existing instances of characteristics and in Data Manager | Catalogs | Product-/process characteristics to update values and attributes of catalog types.

Changes will be made to characteristics found in the current document language only.

  • RP-5551: User View Editor: Filtering a user-defined view: as in other editors, it is now possible to filter the direct S-Severity of failures.
  • RP-5555: FMEDA: The calculation info of a FIT calculation is retained when copying and pasting.
  • RP-5575: Filtering in the DRBFM worksheet: Untill now failures that were anchored below requirements were also taken into account when filtering for causes. However, these are not visible in the DRBFM worksheet, and thus these failures are ignored during filtering.
  • RP-5577: Risk Matrix: For filters based on the risk matrix (SxO, SxD) now the S-Max of the first effects level will be used. Note: Up to now the S-Max of the second effects level was used.
  • RP-5582: Summary-Functions/Placeholders: Update with existing text selection sometimes deleted placeholders from the text. This has been fixed.
  • RP-5584: Summary Functions/Placeholders: When using FMEA Form system filters in wildcards, it could happen that too many hits were delivered. This has been fixed.
  • RP-5588: CARM Server: IQ objects (e.g. function types) with multiple instances remain unchanged when uploading- and adding modules. Until now, they would be doubled for each instance.
  • RP-5590: Graph Editor: The Graph Editor may have displayed incorrect user-defined attributes. This has been fixed.
  • RP-5592: In the dialog (Menu: “Help | Info”) a link to the “Free and Open-Source Software” (FOSS) used in the software has been added.
  • RP-5615: Use operating system settings for existing proxy server.

The option “Take proxy settings from the operating system settings” is offered in the workstation network settings (“false” by default). If this is activated, the values are taken from the registry. When the “Update program version” function is executed or the CarmNG server is accessed, the current proxy settings are always taken from the registry and applied.

Note: If this option is activated, the connection to the CarmNG server is also affected. If you do not want to access the CarmNG server via the same proxy as the program update, this option must remain deactivated and the proxy settings must be set manually. If this option is deactivated in the Windows settings, the checkbox in the workstation settings of IQ-Fmea is also deactivated and disabled, so that the option cannot be checked.

  • RP-5616: Partial XML interface: If a variant is active at the time of the export, it is stored in the XML. With an incremental import into the same fme, the corresponding variant is reactivated so that the variant-specific values exported remain variant-specific. If this variant is not contained in the target fme, it is ignored.
  • RP-5626: In the Variants Matrix, when including objects in a variant, the query dialog for including dependent objects may not have been displayed. This has been fixed.
  • RP-5627: Changing the value of the parent structure using a double-click in the Object Inspector (while a variant is active), resulted in the wrong variant value being preselected in the dialog that opens. This has been fixed and the value of the parent structure is correctly set and displayed.
  • RP-5638: User information now displays when anonymizing an fme document via the menu “File | Encrypt document”.
  • RP-5645: XML export workstation setting “Export characters as XML entities” is no longer required: this option was originally introduced for SGML to address special characters with symbolic names. With the switch to XML and Unicode, this option has become obsolete.
  • RP-5652: The “Notes List” editor was erroneously showing notes of FMEA form versions. This is fixed.
  • RP-5655: In the “DRBFM worksheet” it is now possible to select “all” or “none” of the options directly in all “Edit | Select” dialogs.
  • RP-5658: In the Adminstration editor “Notes List” there is a new entry “QM documents” in the toolbar combobox “IQ objects”. By selecting this entry you filter for notes of FMEA forms, control plans, DRBFM formsheets, etc.
  • RP-5659: When changing the status of an action in a variant using the command “Change to master value“, whereby in at least one other variant there was no value given: the wrong value “untouched” was assigned there. This has been fixed.
  • RP-5712: The size of the grab area to change the window width/height in Personal Desktop has been enlarged.

Control Plan:

  • RP-4307: New display options in the Control Plan Editor: “Options | Context information for functions/characteristics”

Item code of system element/process element

Name of system element/process element

This allows the user to control which context info for product/process characteristics is displayed. Furthermore, the display option “Item code” now applies only to the column “Process element/Operation description”.

  • RP-5557: Filter/Highlighting: the level “Function” now excludes the criteria “Control plan exists”, as this constellation makes no sense in the Control Plan Editor.

Statistics Editor:

  • RP-5199: The display of the colored text sometimes differed from the display options for new analyses. This has been corrected.
  • RP-5677: When performing a difference analysis an error sometimes occurred with special data. This has been fixed.

For the complete changelog for IQ Version 6.5, click here