Service pack Version 7.0 – 0100 is available now. For installation information, new features and fixed bugs see the list below.


  • There are now two new Quality Rules:
    1. (Not rejected) action groups without O but with D ratings.
    2. (Not rejected) action groups without D but with O ratings. [V7-2505]
  • The customization now allows you to show or hide the Variants Matrix editor and Variants Transition Matrix editor in the Editor toolbar. [V7-4427]
  • You can now choose a decimal representation for displaying the “IQ object ID” (Workstation settings | System optimization | Other). [V7-4513]
  • Auto complete can now be activated/deactivated specifically for the current application in the input menu of the Input collector. [V7-5338]
  • If the input collector had larger lists, entered characters could get lost, while the suggestion list is being opened. This is fixed. [V7-5489]


  • In the header data of the FMEA form (FMEA form and AIAG/VDA Form), there is now an additional field for the description of the Scope of the FMEA. This field enables the user to add text in case no FMEA Scope has been created. [V7-1891, V7-5244]
  • In the net editors as well as the structure tree, you can now target just the next level when unfolding. This is done by clicking on the plus icon while the Ctrl key is pressed.  [V7-2074]
  • Filtering in the user-defined view: if cause and effect columns are shown for failures, functions and characteristics, then these can now be modeled as a separate filter level (see function and failure nets). This may change the results of existing filters. [V7-3296]
  • Improvements to Management-Report:
    1. Reports/components can now be shown on the left or right hand side (View | Format | Layout).
    2. Double-clicking on a report opens its properties dialog.
    3. You can select the data for analyses for each report by clicking on the new “Administration” icon in the toolbar.
  • FMEDA Forms Editor: In the dialog to “Determine component type and FIT value“, any values selected or entered will remain when changing to a different strategy or component, as long as the variable type and variable name correspond to each other. [V7-5232]
  • In Deadline Editor columns for “AP Initial State” and “AP Actual” are now also displayed. [V7-5311]
  • After entering an inspection equipment and subsequently entering e.g. a sample size, the selection in the table was lost. This is fixed. [V7-5353]

Analysis Desktop:

  • Editor “Project Status: A direct export of the table in Excel format is now possible using the menu command “File | Export | Excel file“. [V7-5425]

CARM Server:

  • The CSS modules access rights have been extended to include “Change module” right: in the properties dialog all values can be changed. This functionality requires the CARM-Server V5.7 – 0050 or newer.Note: If this right is set, IQ versions before V7.0 – 0090 will interpret this as “no rights“. [V7-5239]
  • When comparing modules, the changes to the module itself (such as name or notes) are now determined and displayed as well. [V7-5276]

FMEA Forms Editor:

  • When editing a deadline in the Form via the drop-down arrow, a calendar dialog appears. Selecting a date in this calendar immediately creates an entry. Previously this was only possible in the editing area. [V7-5185]
  • Starting from Version 7.0 – 0090 onwards, the default layout in the FMEA Form Editor is the “VDA 2019 (AIAG/VDA)“.
    When opening older FME documents, it may happen that no AP catalogs are set. This may lead to the AP column being empty. AP catalogs can be imported into these documents from the template file via: “Tools | Read template“. [V7-5217]

AIAG/VDA Forms Editor:

  • The two fields “Cross Functional Team” and “Process responsibility” in the header data can be filled using the list of persons. [V7-4697]
  • The number of ‘>’ indicates whether it is a direct effect/cause (no ‘>’ are shown) or a top effect/base cause (‘>>’). All other effects/causes are shown with ‘>’. [V7-4989]


  • You can now “Show column names” via the display options in the view “Full list of differences“. [V7-5189]

Only with Maintenance License:

  • The “hanging scrolling” functionality found in the form editor can now also be found in the function and failure net editors (see view menu). [V7-4667]

The following bugs have been fixed with this service pack:
V7-4835, V7-5001, V7-5186, V7-5216, V7-5372, V7-5376, V7-5439, V7-5483, V7-5502, V7-5554

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